In Missouri, Police Officer Named Who Shot Michael Brown

In Missouri, Police Officer Named Who Shot Michael Brown

In Ferguson, Missouri, the police officer who shot the unarmed teen Michael Brown has been identified as Darren Wilson. He is a six year veteran of the Ferguson police department and has no previous disciplinary record, stated Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson at a press conference.

The declaration comes after the St. Louis suburb went through yet another protest against Brown’s fatal shooting, which happened last Saturday. Heavily equipped police have been clashing with demonstrators since the shooting occurred up until Thursday night when things seemed to calm.

Police authorities had been under powerful pressure from the public to name the police officer at the middle of the case. However they had deferred announcement of his name because they stated that numerous threats had been placed against the Ferguson police department and the officer himself.

The refusal of naming the officer was continually mentioned in public grievances about a lack of transparency with the investigation by police of the actual shooting on Saturday. It has been stated that Brown was shot to death after what police explained was a scuffle which started inside the officer’s police cruiser.

However numerous eyewitnesses have instead declared that Brown was shot numerous times while he had his hands up in a sign of surrounding as he was attempting to retreat.

The chief of police stated that Officer Wilson had been notified about a convenience store robbery shortly before his meeting with Brown, age 18. It has been reported that the teen was walking home from a store when he was shot.

Brown’s death had kindled a number of demonstrations that have been suppressed by police officers who shot tear gas and rubber bullets at the various groups of protesters. However the demonstrators were said to have held a peaceful protest on Thursday night. That was allegedly a departure from how the other demonstrations had been held after Brown’s death.

The teenager’s parents, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, have requested for supporters to stay peaceful through their protests, even as they themselves attempt to mourn their son.

The primary refusal of Chief Jackson in disclosing the officer’s name had encouraged civil rights groups to attempt to go to court in order to force his identity’s release. Chief Jackson repeatedly stated that he had been unwilling to release Officer Wilson’s name due to safety trepidations after death threats against the officer and his entire family were put up on various social media sites.

On Thursday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared that Missouri Highway Patrol would be put in charge of crowd control and security in Ferguson. They took over for the St. Louis County Police Department, which has been condemned for the weighty tactics they used against the protesters.

The difference apparently was noticed on Thursday evening’s demonstration because police cars had disappeared and a street, which had been blocked off on prior nights, had only slow going vehicles that were blowing horns. There were very limited signs of police officers being present, much less any type of powerful responses with weapons.

Clashes amid the police and angry protesters have defined the outcome of Brown’s death on Saturday, and the most recent move came as both state and federal officials attempted to suppress the rising crisis.

Local police authorities are probing into the case, as are the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI. So in Ferguson, Darren Wilson has been named as the police officer who shot teenager Michael Brown.

By Kimberly Ruble


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