iPhone 5 Users May Get Replacement Battery

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 users may get a replacement battery after Apple decided to recall faulty ones. Those who purchased their phone between September 2012 and January 2013 are the ones more likely eligible. The company found that those users are more likely to suffer from suddenly shorter battery lives compared to other iPhone users because of a fault.

The battery replacement program is only available to those with certain serial numbers. The number of users’ phones can be found in the About section of a device, under Settings and then General. Users will then need to input their serial number on the website dedicated for the Battery Replacement Program to see if they are eligible.

iPhone 5 users are regularly complained of short battery lives. In fact, iPhone users in general have often complained of batteries not lasting as long as other smartphone devices on the market. It is one thing that stops some people choosing the Apple devices, despite the phones often being superior in other ways.

However, there are only a handful of times that the tech giant has confirmed a fault within the batteries of its products. In October 2013, iPhone 5S customers were alerted that they may have defective batteries and were asked to switch their phones for one that works properly. The phones have not been the only issues, with PowerBook and iBook batteries being recalled back in 2006 after they were found to overheat.

It is very easy for iPhone 5 users who are eligible to get their replacement battery. Users will need to either go to one of the authorized service providers or straight to the Apple stores. Those who have paid for a replacement battery can also get a refund if they were eligible for the replacement. It is important to phone Apple Technical Support, which will inform users of everything needed for this refund.

Some users will need to pay for repairs before getting the replacement battery. All those who have any damages to their devices will be informed that they need to pay, otherwise the replacement cannot take place. It is also important to backup all data and turning off apps including the Find My iPhone app.

There will be some who question the point in this replacement program. The iPhone 6 is rumored to be released in either September or October this year. Those who bought their iPhone 5 towards the end of 2012 will likely be due an upgrade very soon, and will likely want the latest model. Is there really any point in paying to have their current phone repaired for the replacement when they could get a whole new phone very soon? This is something users will need to think about for themselves.

Those in the United States and China were able to start replacing their batteries from August 22, 2014. Other parts of the world will need to wait until August 29 for the program to start. Not all iPhone 5 users are eligible for the replacement battery and will need to check the website first.

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