The Strain: For Services Rendered (Recap and Review)

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The Strain: For Services Rendered (Recap and Review)

At the beginning of The Strain: For Services Rendered, Lawyer Joan Luss has a long awaited reunion with her husband while waiting for her kids to return from her housekeeper’s house. Before the unfortunate businessman makes his way home, he finds out that the entire area is practically deserted.

Eph is still arguing against Abraham’s plan to kill The Master to stop the vampires spreading across the country. As Nora, Eph and Abraham argue and look over his silver arsenal, the old man finally convinces Dr. Goodweather to seek out Jim Kent to see if they can learn where The Master’s lair is located.

Throughout this episode of The Strain, the continuing story of Setrakian’s past links with The Master and Eichorst interweave between the present turn of events. It is revealed that Abraham worked on a solo project, commissioned by Nazi officer Eichorst for the vampire leader during the war.

Gus is in jail with his friend who was infected by one of the parasitic worms last week, after they killed the fat vampire in the street. Jim and his wife are having an argument when Eph, Abraham and Nora show up to ask Kent some questions.

Sylvia Kent is furious that Jim decides to help the trio and she storms out of their home. Setrakian gets Kent to describe the “German” who hired him to help smuggle The Master into the U.S. and reveals that it is someone from his past. Thomas Eichorst, the Nazi officer from the death camp that Abraham was interred in.

In The Strain: For Services Rendered, after Jim has left to plead with his wife, Abraham has another flashback to his earlier dealings with the now vampiric Eichorst. Joan Luss’ housekeeper is forced to take the lawyer’s children back to home by her own daughter.

Jim Kent calls Eldritch Palmer and tells him to send Eichorst and an envelope full of money to Grand Central Station in exchange for the dead Captain Redfern’s body. The dying millionaire expresses his misgivings about Jim’s new direction and Eichorst assures Palmer that he will take care of things.

The German vampire meets Kent in the train station and when Jim will not tell Eichorst where Abraham is, “Where is the Jew? He is here I can smell him.” The German tells the man that Sylvia will die. The heroic quartet follow Eichorst deeper into the train system.

Setrakian hunts down his old nemesis and they face off on the train station platform. Abraham attempts to behead the vampire three times and on his last try, Eichorst overpowers the old man and as he is about to infect/drain the vampire hunter, Eph shoots the German in the leg with a silver bullet.

Eichorst tells Setrakian that he’ll let him live for another day, as a repayment for services rendered and he leaps on the side of a subway train to escape. The housekeeper, her daughter and the two children of Joan Luss are rescued by a mysterious stranger who looks to be another type of vampire as well.

This new group of vampire hunters, who appear to be vampires themselves, kill Joan Luss and the other strigoi that were about to kill the humans in the kitchen. After killing the housekeeper’s daughter, she got infected when she saved the kids from their mother’s attack, the vampire tells them to leave her body alone as she is infected.

The Strain: For Services Rendered ends with these new players being introduced. So far, Vassily Fet and Gus have not joined the increasing team of hunters and this new element of “good guys” have just been introduced. Previews of next week’s episode seem to indicate that Fet, at least, will be joining Setrakian, Abraham, Nora and Jim.

By Michael Smith



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