Richard Attenborough Dies: Highlights of His Career

Richard Attenborough Dies: Highlights of His Career

At the announcement of Richard Attenborough’s death at the grand age of 90, it is time to look back over the highlights of his career. He was an extremely talented actor and director and will be remembered in many great movies. One thing is for certain; there will always be something of his that entertains all.

Jurassic Park is one of his most well-known movies. The Steven Spielberg film included dinosaurs, which was enough to get many to tune in. There was also a decent storyline to go with it, which included a power breakdown that led to the dinosaurs coming to life. It was so popular that there were sequels, of which Attenborough reprised his role as John Hammond in the second one.

Just after the first Jurassic Park, the late actor placed Kris Kringle in Miracle on 34th Street. The movie also starred Matilda’s Mara Wilson, and was all about how miracles happen as long as someone believes. Attenborough played a convincing man who believed that he was the real Santa Clause and had many children excited for the upcoming Christmas period. It is now a movie to watch every Christmas for young and old.

The 90-year-old’s career span almost seven decades and started in 1942 with In Which We Serve. Legend director Noel Coward was the man in charge, as well as playing the captain of the ship. That did not take it away from being a highlight in Attenborough’s career, which has come to an end after his death on August 24, 2014. The Ministry of Information gave the movie its full backing, and it was inspired from Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten.

As well as acting, the late performer was a director. One of his biggest movies at the start of his directing career was A Bridge Too Far, which was based on the 1974 novel. It was based on a comment that has never really been confirmed. General Frederick Browning was reported saying “I think we may be going a bridge too far” when they attempted Operation Market Garden. The operation was an attempt in the Second World War to break through enemy lines at Arnhem, Netherlands.

Attenborough’s next directional masterpiece was Gandhi in 1982. It was a beautifully directed movie about Mohandas Karmachand Gandghi, who led to movement to break from the British rule in the 1900s. It all started with Gandhi being thrown off a train after being in the whites-only section and then ended with his funeral after his assassination.

The end Attenborough’s career, he directed Closing the Ring, starring Scream’s Neve Campbelland The O.C’s Mischa Barton. It was all about a young woman who is discovering her mother’s past after her father’s funeral. Two plot lines—one with the young woman’s mother and another of a young Belfast Ulsterman—intertwine to tell the story.

There were many other movies throughout the 90-year-old’s career. While some are extremely well-known, others are movies that some will never have heard of. The ones mentioned are just a small collection of highlights from Attenborough’s career to commemorate his death yesterday.

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