True Blood Finally Comes to an End: All Anyone Needs to Know

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True Blood

True Blood has finally come to an end and here is all anyone needs to know about the series finale. It was not the ending that many fans hoped for, as they wanted to see he happy ending for Bill and Sookie. However, it was a way to wrap up the whole series that seemed to lose its way as early as the second season.

As a writer’s note, there are spoilers for the series finale in this, so those bothered about that should stop reading right here.

The show started with so much promise. The whole world knew about vampires and that they really existed but were prejudice towards them. Vampires in True Blood were clearly used as a way to show the prejudice against gay people or those of different races. However, the show never did quite make the best of that premise, and instead focused on unrealistic relationships and characters that the viewers just did not care about.

The one relationship many people wanted to see work out was between the main characters from the start, Bill and Sookie. However, Bill was dying of Hep V, the vampire version of HIV, and he needed a cure. When it came to taking the cure, he gave it up in the penultimate episode. Yet fans still hoped that there was a way around this. Surely the writers were not going to end the show with an unhappy ending for Sookie. Surely she was going to get her man.

Then True Blood finally came to an end and all anyone needs to know is that it was a happy ending for Sookie; just not quite the ending wanted. Bill ended up six feet under and Sookie made sure he went out in blazing glory right at the end by running a stake through his heart. She then moved on.

In a series of flash-forwards, she was seen with pregnant. However, the man she was with was never disclosed, which has left a sour taste in a few fans’ mouths. If she did not end up with Bill, surely it should have been a man that the viewers were already introduced to.

This was a mistake that Charmed made with its flash-forwards in the series finale. The writers introduced a mystery girl that was supposed to be Piper and Leo’s daughter. Many die-hard fans refused to accept that it was a sister for Wyatt and Chris and opted for ideas like it was their cousin or a friend from school. For fans, it is difficult to accept someone who would be quite a major part in the main characters’ lives without ever knowing about them in the show itself.

Fans who were expecting a bloodbath at the hands of that Yakuza were very disappointed. There was no big fight to signify the ending of the show. It was all very tame and quiet to say that there are no more episodes; certainly not the ending that anybody would expect from a supernatural TV show. However, True Blood has finally come to an end and all anybody really needs to know is that it was not as exciting as hoped.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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