iWatch Release Date Right Around the Corner


Apple’s iPhone has just recently sold its 500 millionth unit, and with the release date of its highly innovative iWatch right around the corner, one can only imagine what is next. According to Forbes magazine, the multinational corporation reported its selling of 472 million units this year, and that does not include the current season. It is also projected to ship over 50 million more during this quarter.

The company’s upcoming September 9 event will formally unveil the tentative titled iWatch, or “iTime.” It is speculated that the device could be compatible with Apple’s Homekit and Healthkit platforms by insider Recode. Another suggestion is that the device will be a duel smart remote control for the home and health tracker. Apple’s iOS 8, all ready for the release, is said to feature a brand new “Health” app, which will save users medical data upon input, and allow them to record information during workout sessions. The technology is part of an ongoing collaborative project with Nike and other companies to help create a Healthkit study guide for Apple devices. The way the application is integrated could suggest that the iTime will possibly be able to connect to the iPhone as well.

While Apple’s release date of the iWatch is practically around the corner, that does not mean that all of their cards are right on the table, but they have laid down a few. For those who may worry if the conglomerate can take on a new task in a saturated wristwatch market, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak stated this, “Apple as a global brand works very hard to produce detailed and exceptional products, and our next release will not change that. So if a new category is introduced by the company, Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, did not flinch either. Sharing similar sentiments as far as the immediate future of the corporation goes, “it is without question the best product pipeline that I have ever witnessed in my 25-year span with Apple.”

Recently patented as a “smart-watch,” as Apple has referred to it in the past, the iWatch has a removable center piece that can also operate independently. The heart of the unit can play back, and store media files, controlled by a touchscreen on the front. The iTime device is said to be responsive to gestures and movement, and also has push notifications, according to the patent. Apple has shared that the wristband itself will come equipped with wireless communication transceiver. When the transceiver is hooked up to the main device, it will allow it to perform a number of functions that include sending user information to a “second electronic device.” Apple’s latest “soft wear,” is said also to come with a weight tracking device that may be able to sense the condition of running shoes.

The patent covers all of the multiple embodiments of the new sensors, one of which can let you know if the sole’s on your sneakers have worn out, or are too thin. The other one is a “body-bar sensing system” which can attach to a “body bar,” keep track of bar movements, and shows the number of reps you are doing on its display screen. With so much information, details, and goodies to look forward to in the upcoming weeks, it is almost enough to make one’s head spin. In any case, with the release of the iWatch from Apple right around the corner, those with available sharpies should mark their calendars.

By Theodore Borders

Apple insider
VB News

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