Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland (Recap and Review)

Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland (Recap and Review)

Episode 6 of season 7 Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland, aka Oz Meets Wonderland begins with the ten makeup specialists left after “Doc” O’Connell was sent home last week in the Animal Attraction challenge. Also during the last episode Damien got his first win of the series which made the show a bittersweet experience.

In this week’s show viewers get to see Sasha’s mounting excitement and watch Rachel feed the fish in the Koi Pond at the Face Off house. The contestants headed down to Sony Pictures Studios and saw a scene from Alice of Wonderland that looked to be the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

While standing in front of the tea party setting, they learn that because of this year’s 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, there will be a marrying up of the two worlds in this week’s challenge. Keighlan is very excited and as she says to the camera “I am in heaven because The Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie.”

Unlike last week’s contest, the Oz Meets Wonderland spotlight is a team challenge. The remaining contestants paired up and and had create characters from The Wizard of Oz who have somehow wound up in the world of Alice in Wonderland.

The teams, and their characters from Oz were: Keaghlan and Rachel – the Tin WoodMan, Sasha and Jason – the Cowardly Lion, Dina and Stella – a Flying Monkey, Drew and George – The Wicked Witch of the West, Cig and Damien the Scarecrow.

Right off the bat, Sasha learned that history can repeat itself as her partner, Jason, did not really “get it.” In the episode, American Gangster Barry was her partner and he too got wrapped up in his own vision versus the challenge at hand. Very similar to last night’s team member, Jason who got caught up in the darkness of his creation and ignored Sasha’s timid suggestions to make it more whimsical.

When Michael Westmore came on with daughter, and host of Face Off, McKenzie; the makeup legend told Jason and Sasha that their concept did not work. Michael said, “It needs to be bolder. It’s reading kitty cat to me not a lion. You need to get a little whimsical into this character,” After finishing by saying that their concept was not “up to” what everyone else was doing, Sasha and Jason were worried.

Westmore was much more enthusiastic about Keighlan’s and Rachel’s Tin WoodMan and he suggested to Dina and Stella that their winged monkey should have a little added hair. Dina and Stella switched roles in their teamwork so that the monkey’s face looked more creepily mischievous and this worked very well.

Sasha was “depressed” that Jason had done nothing to make their lion more whimsical. Stella got Rachel to donate some of her hair and Dina was pleased that their creation would have a “piece of Rachel” in it. By day two all the teams were working well together with the exception of Jason and Sasha who was still upset at the direction the lion was taking.

Cig and Damien were cracking on with the Scarecrow and it looked like they were ignoring Michael Westmore’s advice by making the face “too dark and too busy.” Rachel and Keaghlan were the perfect team, as were Dina and Stella in that they paid strict attention to the theme. George and Drew were also trying to meet the parameters set, but let their wardrobe rule their creation.

By the end of the preparation time the only people really pleased about the way their characters had turned out were Dina, Stella, Rachel and Keaghlan. The men were all worried about their final products right along with the very unhappy Sasha with the “boring” creepy tiger that she and Jason had created.

It has to be pointed out that the flying monkey, apart from having that spellbinding face, had wings made of playing cards. Keaghlan and Rachel created a Tin WoodMan who really looked as though he was made of metal.

The judges were re-joined by Ve Neill and Lois Burwell still holds the title of most enchanting judge, although Ve holds the “Miss Congeniality” crown for the series thus far with her combination of happy and excited attitude toward the whole thing. After the creations were viewed, both from afar and up close, the Flying Monkey and the Tin Woodman were the clear favorites. in a very close contest, Dina and Stella’s creature won and Dina took home the win for this week.

At the end of Face Off: Wizard of Wonderland Jason paid dearly for his obsession with making the Cowardly Lion dark and creepy and not whimsical by being sent home. While Keaghlan and Rachel came a close “second” the judges were adamant that the two worked brilliantly together and that their creation’s symmetry and coloring were perfect. Next week’s episode will feature the judges in a special competition.

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  1. theshadowoftruth   January 19, 2016 at 7:12 am

    The Wizard in Wonderland challenge was one of my favorites, i think what Jason and Shasha should’ve done is create a Cowardly Chesire Cat, a fusion between the Lion and the Cheshire Cat. also, what was a huge missed opportunity was when they just created a wicked witch that was perfect for Oz but there was nothing inherent about the witch being affected by her presence in Wonderland. They could’ve basically created a Wicked white Queen, the idea of the backstory being that the Wicked Witch’s castle landed on top of the White Queen and the Wicked Witch absorbed the White Queen’s essence and power, and she became the Wicked White Queen.


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