Jaycee Chan Arrested for Drugs

Jaycee Chan Arrested fro Drugs

Jaycee Chan Arrested fro Drugs

Jaycee Chan, the 31 year old son of action star Jackie Chan, has been arrested for drugs. The aspiring musician and actor was found to have marijuana in his possession and has also tested positive for drug use in Beijing. Working on a tip, officials arrested the younger Chan recently along with his friend Kai Ko, also an actor.

Adding to his father’s embarrassment, Chan was found to have three and a half ounces of marijuana in his possession. He admitted to offering a place for friends to partake of the illegal substance in his home and tests revealed that he had been using the drug in recent days.

Jaycee Chan Arrested For Drugs
Jackie and Jaycee

Jaycee has led a privileged life by being the son of award winning stuntman and action star Jackie Chan. Enjoying most of his life served on a silver platter, Jaycee was well taken care of. Not having to work for much, he still wanted to embark into show business but has had minimal success on his own.

Jackie Chan, the star of over 150 films is an international star, admired for his martial arts, stunts and numerous talented endeavors. He has been an endearing father, almost overboard, always looking out for his son Jaycee and giving him more than enough in life. The elder Chan is famous for his roles in such films as Mr. Nice Guy, Shanghai Noon, The Protector, Twin Dragons and Rush Hour. Winning for best duo with Chris Tucker in the 1999 movie Rush Hour, Chan has kept his momentum of action flicks high on the list of accomplishments.

Chan is a generous and caring father, but has also drawn the line when it comes to hand-outs. The star, worth around $140 million, has forked out cars and mansions to keep his son Jaycee happy over the years. Even as well affording to do so, there came a time in recent years when he stated that his son would have to make it on his own.

Offering Jaycee a co-starring role in the movie Double Trouble confirmed his suspicion that his son Jaycee was not quite cut out for show business. Many of the younger Chan’s projects have ended up as flops and have become an embarrassment to his father.

Now that the latest development of drugs has entered the scene, Jackie is not so happy. Giving all he could to help his son and being rewarded with little has sadly formed a wedge in their relationship.

Jaycee could be facing up to three years in jail for drug possession, if convicted. Jackie has previously stated that his son would have to make it on his own, despite his own wealth, so bail money is most likely not an option. Jackie has worked hard for his fortune and only wanted his son to follow and succeed on his own. The elder Chan’s earnings are not up for grabs just by an inheritance.

Living in the lap of luxury with a famous father who rakes in millions is not easy. Other children of celebrities have fallen into the same dire straights of expectations and promises all too often. The final straw for Chan has been this last episode of disappointment.

Jaycee Chan Arrested for Drugs
Robert Downey, Jr. and Indio

Joining the ranks of Michael Douglas and Robert Downey, Jr. who have both had sons arrested for drugs, Chan will surely see it through in a loving and diplomatic way.

Jaycee Chan Arrested for Drugs
Cameron and Michael Douglas

The shadows of a famous father can haunt children and turn them in directions not intended. Money and prestige is not always the answer as young clones of the stars try to find their own path. Luckily, Downey was able to get his son into rehab to help conquer an addiction he himself battled successfully.

Life goes on as Jackie Chan faces the reality of his own son, Jaycee, who has been lost to the clutches of notoriety. It will all shuffle out as each person fends for themselves with or without the help of their famous father.

Being famous because you are related to a star does not always offer the option of forgiveness or a free ride. Jaycee will be quickly learning a lesson after being arrested for drugs.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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