Jon Jones Injured, Demetrious Johnson Steps in at UFC 178: MMA Spotlight

UFC MMA Spotlight

The UFC had some breaking news alright, nothing in the positive variety as they announced one of their pound for pound best in the organization will be sidelined until January. Light Heavyweight champion, Jon “Bones” Jones, was injured in training. preparing for his highly anticipated match up with Daniel Cormier. The fight has been moved to the 182 card on January 3. The extent of his injury has been rumored to be a torn meniscus and a sprained ankle suffered during a wrestling session on Monday. UFC Flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, will be moved from the 177 card in California to the new headliner position for 178. Johnson will defend his title against Chris Cariaso, while the rest of the card boasts some of the upper echelon of talent with the likes of Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Dominic Cruz, Tim Kennedy, and Cat Zingano; all scheduled to fight on the September 27 event.

The card itself may be able to sustain the blunt trauma caused by the dropped fight of Jones versus Cormier, but may not be able to reach the type of hype it was already receiving. The Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier rivalry was fueling the consumer needs with the avid trash talk, along with the heavily recognized brawl that completely destroyed a media podium during a media day to promote the UFC 178 event. Punches were thrown, challenges were made, and death threats were had; leading up to their interview on ESPN the same day the scuffle happened. Many analysts were already comparing the duo’s rivalry to the likes of some of the best to ever embrace the octagon, even though the two have yet to square off inside the cage.

Some confusion may follow, and answers will need to be had leading to the new date between the two. Jon Jones was scheduled to fight number one contender, Alexander Gustaffson, before he had to bow out to Daniel Cormier, due to injury. Now that the Sweden mixed martial arts star will almost certainly be ready to fight come January, does the UFC potentially give the Sweden his rematch that he deserves, or does the Cormier/Jones hype win the match-making debate? There is no questioning that Gustaffson deserves his rematch with the champion, even though one may argue the anticipation for a fight Daniel Cormier was at an extreme high and could beat out any opposing force to the fight.

The changes keep going to the card itself, as it has seen fights scheduled and venues sought after only for everything to do a complete 180 degree turn. The timely replacement fight with Demetrious Johnson versus Chris Cariaso numbs the wound just a little bit, but in all reality it might have weakened the organization’s 177 card that it was originally scheduled for. While this heart-wrenching news may perturb the fans for the day, possibly through the week, at least there will be some fighting action this weekend to relieve some of the pain and anguish. MMA is just like any other sport and injuries can occur at any given moment. Here is hoping that the UFC and its fans are not led astray come January 3.

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