Justin Bieber Parties on Love Boat With Models


Justin Bieber has been partying in Ibiza with a supermodel and a Playboy playmate aboard his “love boat.” The singer has been making the most of his time on the gorgeous island off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is known to be a major party place. The beautiful vacation spot attracts people from around the world and the past week the island was full of celebrities.

The singer was seen with several celebrities during his stay. He was first photographed with Playboy playmate Alyssa Arce. The next night he snuggled up to Kendall Jenner at a party celebrating the 4oth birthday of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. The platinum recording artist was seen with yet another brunette beauty after the party when he was photographed making out with Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik.

Shanina Shaik was aboard the yacht for several days before she was photographed leaving the boat on Sunday. Photos of the Victoria’s Secret model show her leaving alone wearing dark sunglasses and staring down at her phone. She rarely looked up from the device as she walked away. No one knows where the model headed after leaving. Some have speculated that the model was upset.

Justin Bieber posted a photograph on Instagram of himself and the model partying on his love boat. He denied dating Shaik on the app by including a caption that said, “Me and the beautiful @ShaninaMShaik and don’t even start with dating rumors.” So, it is unclear why the supermodel would have been upset. 

Several other celebrities joined the Boyfriend singer, including The Fast and the Furious star Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron of the movie Neighbors. Rodriguez and Efron were seen smooching on the yacht as well. Rodriguez and Efron have been seen together several times over the summer.

Originally, rumors were that Rodriguez was with Bieber. Rodriquez and Shaik were apparently out with the singer, prior to Efron arriving in town. Several sources reported that Rodriquez had ditched Efron for the recording artist. The photos of Rodriquez and Efron show a very different story. The pair were about as close as they could get.

The singer was definitely with several lovely ladies during his vacation, but Rodriguez was not one of them. It is unclear what is going on in the artist’s love life. He did post photos of himself with both Jenner and Shaik, but the photos of Arce have all been taken by others.

The star’s last known girlfriend was Selena Gomez. The two dated for quite a while before calling it quits. Since then the singer has spent time with several different girls, but has not gotten too serious with any of them.

The singer has been partying a lot lately, even before his trip. He has been making the headlines for his wild behavior and has been in some legal trouble. People have come to expect him to misbehave. The reports of him being with various women during his time on the island have people wondering if he will make it official with any of the ladies he was seen with.

The last photographs of the star showed him alone on his yacht. As of right now the singer is denying claims that he is in a relationship with anyone. Justin Bieber was definitely partying on his boat with several lovely models over the past week.

By Amy Gilmore


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