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Justin Bieber was spotted with Alyssa Arce, a Playboy Playmate, on his yacht during his stay in Ibiza. Alyssa Arce was Miss July 2013 for Playboy and besides that she has done photo shoots for many other modeling agencies and photographers. Photos of Ms. Arce giving the pop star a smooch were taken Thursday night. After appearing on the web, these photos sparked interest from the singer’s fans about the personality of the mysterious brunette.

The Canadian singer seems to have a pretty twisted love life, still he is adding more beautiful women to his list. The photos captured Bieber gently touching Arce’s shoulder and in the next photo she is lying down and kissing him. After a while, Alyssa Arce left the pop star alone. The morning after the drinking session the singer looked rather worn out.  Partying hard seems to affect the singer negatively. That morning the model was captured merely walking past the sleeping Bieber.

Ms. Arce was born on February 27, 1992 in the South Carolina city of North Myrtle Beach. She started her modeling career right after high school. At the age of 18 Arce moved to Miami because the young girl received a job offer from Wilhelmina Models. During her interview for the 3DOTMAG she said: “Ever since it had kind of been an ongoing thing. I’ve been like a gypsy living out of a suitcase for four years, travelling, and next thing… I was Miss July for Playboy.”

Alyssa Arce loves vintage cars and animals. She has been playing soccer for 15 years and considers herself a “freesoul” and a tomboy. The model states that she has always felt confident during photo sessions and she did not have to learn the art of posing because it comes to her naturally. Arce says that she enjoys the process and people who work with her see that she is really involved with her job.

Ms. Arce was rumored to be engaged because she had a distinctive tan line on her ring finger. Nevertheless, the model has not mentioned any boyfriend in her Facebook or Twitter accounts since 2013. Despite her young age, Alyssa Arce is quite popular, but the photo of Justin Bieber with the Playboy playmate  spotted on his yacht has drawn the attention of numerous Beliebers. Some girls from various countries have already posted inappropriate and offensive comments advising her to stay away from their idol.

Alyssa Arce seems not to pay attention and ignores Beliebers, probably because her profession makes people less sensitive to critics. Miss July does not mind showing off her body and has no problem with nudity. In her interview she also mentioned that for her “a body is an art itself.” Alyssa Arce believes that the God created a human body and made it beautiful; therefore, people should embrace it and see how it changes when it is viewed under different angles. Opposed to the opinion that showing off one’s body is vulgar the model thinks that a photographer and a model create a real piece of art.

The model recently started to follow Justin Bieber on Twitter; however, she does not mention him anywhere. Most probably, the photos that invaded the web so abruptly, simply spotted a short-lived moment of passion that the pop star shared with the attractive Playboy playmate. The singer was involved in several scandals lately and he seems to enjoy the life. Only the time will show how these events will affect Bieber’s reputation and whether his fans will remain loyal to him.

By Yevgeniya Migranova




Glory Girl (Alyssa Arce’s personal profile)

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