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Kardashians: Battle of the Butts


KardashiansIn the never-ending saga of the Kardashians comes the latest entry: Kim’s and Khloe’s battle of the butts. It is not quite clear whether they want them smaller or larger, butt that is the Kardashian’s style, keep everyone guessing and coming back for more.

It began innocently enough, or so it seems, with Twitter as Kim acknowledged her weight gain after the baby.   Apparently she is ready to make a concerted effort in getting back to her shape of a couple of years ago, and stated, ”…my hips and butt are huge now! They were big to begin with!”

Kim is so determined to slim back down to pre-baby levels, she is beginning a strict no-carb diet and starting crazy workouts to tone up. Her goal is to lose 20 pounds. Kardashian, now 33, is finding it harder to maintain her figure after giving birth to her daughter North West.

Khloe, not to be outdone, has butt issues herself. Posing to advertise her Kardashians Kollection sweatshirt, she posted a backside view of herself on Instagram. Wearing poured-on jeans, all eyes naturally drifted to her derriere. It did not take long before the comparisons began.

The two sisters seem to be at it again, or perhaps it is s a continuation of the great wedding uproar. On the Jimmy Kimmel show, Kim revealed that Khloe was super drunk at the rehearsal dinner, held at the Palace at Versailles, the night before the wedding. She was still hung over the following day when Kim had to wake her up as Khloe was getting her makeup done while still asleep. All Kim could do was to pray that Khloe would be well enough to walk down the aisle.

Apparently the Kardashians called a truce to their battle of butts long enough to enjoy Kim’s wedding. It was a two-country affair, re-living Kim and Kanye’s love affair. They fell in love in Paris, which led to the rehearsal dinner in France. The wedding at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence was chosen in honor of where their daughter was conceived.

Other than Khloe’s intoxicating moments, there was only one other slight glitch to the wedding plans.  Every guest’s name was engraved in a giant marble tabletop. It was revealed later that none other than Beyonce’ and Jay Z missed the wedding. They opted, at the last-minute, to spend their weekend at the Hamptons instead.

While on the Kimmel show, Kim showed her motherly talents by challenging the host to a diaper-changing contest. Kimmel, just recently having become a new father, was up to the challenge. It was Kardashian, not afraid to get her hands dirty, who triumphed.

To keep her fans yearning for more, Kim is looking to become an author. The queen of selfies is planning on publishing a book, named aptly enough, “Selfish.” It will be a hardcover compilation of 352 selfies of Kim. The book is expected to hit the stands on April 7, 2015. The expected price tag is $19.95.

What started out innocently enough as a Kardashians battle of the butts has managed to veer in a whole new direction. A truce will undoubtedly be called so that Khloe can focus on her Kardashian Kollection while Kim will be shooting hundreds of selfies in preparation of her new book.

Opinion By Hans Benes


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