Shark Week 2014 Starts Tonight on the Discovery Channel


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The annual week-long show featuring sharks has been capturing audiences since its debut in 1988, and there’s no sign of that trend ending. All the promotions and advertisements put out by the network has been building anticipation for tonight’s premiere of “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. Less than two hours remain before the show officially starts. It will be an action-packed seven days of excitement. Come 8 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, the viewers who watch will be wowed with all that has been prepared for them.

Other news sources have been vamping up the excitement for this year’s Shark Week as well, including the International Business Times, Tampa Bay Times and the Oregonian. Stories have circulated, making sure to feature shark trivia, tips on how to celebrate and the best foods to get for the show. Shark Week is well-known for its big ratings every year. Last year alone, the show received over 53 million viewers, which was the best turn out since the broadcast began in the 1980s.

For years sharks have caught audiences’ attention and lured them to their televisions. There are so many types of sharks to learn about, making Shark Week on The Discovery Channel a good place to learn facts about the water creatures. Not only are they fascinating animals, but they are also very powerful. They have such highly tuned inner ears that they can detect their prey from quite a distance away. In addition, sharks can sense when fish are injured through low-frequency sounds in the water. A shark’s hearing is far sharper than that of a human. By tracking with the low-frequency sounds, sharks are able to more easily locate their prey.

Additional facts that viewers can learn during Shark Week include how the animals’ eyes are on the sides of their heads, allowing them to see nearly 360 degrees. Shark’s teeth are a very important element as well. The specific shape helps the animal glide through the water smoothly, and acts as a divider for anything in the depths that could hinder the shark’s speed, such as algae. According to FanBolt, humans have adapted the speed and self-cleaning aspects of shark’s teeth to polish boat hulls and improve Olympic swimsuits.

Tonight’s opening broadcast of Shark Week 2014 will represent the 27th year that The Discovery Channel has been airing the show. Reports filtering in, to add to and increase the hype for tonight, say that this year will be “the biggest and most original year yet.” There will be 14 hours of new content during the week, featuring episodes entitled, Air Fin: Jaws of Fury and Monster Hammerhead. All of the wildly named segments in the show, which executives of the event said took quite an effort to put together, will make this year’s presentation a smashing success.

Starting tonight, The Discovery Channel will be using Shark Week to present information on the preservation of sharks, and the negative impact in the oceans should sharks cease to exist. There has even been rumors circulating that actor Rob Lowe could be involved in the show in some way, as he was a big part of the promotion campaigns. All this and more awaits millions of viewers beginning 8 p.m. Eastern Time time as Shark Week begins on The Discovery Channel.

By Rachel Roddy


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