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The latest news on Twitter suggests investors are keeping an eye out on its stock performance. With a great Second Quarter Report on Earnings, Twitter’s stock has risen 20 percent since July with 12 percent occurring since the Second Quarter. What is Twitter’s next strategy? To keep finding ways to raise its portfolio, of course.

Benchmark, a venture capital firm in Silicone Valley, reportedly returned 5.3 million shares of Twitter to limited partners, according to a report from Kurt Wagner of the Recode website. The total amount of these shares equal about $228 million worth of stock which has been passed onto new owners.

This kind of distribution is not “uncommon,” but a way to pay back early investors. According to Wagner, the change of ownership should not affect Twitter’s stock unless these new investors decide to sell their shares.

Benchmark and their affiliates have supported Twitter since 2009, and according to the report, they plan to keep doing so. Benchmark still owns 26 million shares of Twitter despite the switch in ownership.

The latest news on Twitter also suggests the company is planning to alter their direct messaging service. Jon Russell of The Next Web website stated an upgrade may be imminent for this type of service. An upgrade would allow users to actively use the service and possibly even benefit from it. It would be another way for brands and companies to advertise products while also making money for the corporation, Russell had reported.

Russell details in his report how a company can use their own platform to send direct messages to users who “opt-in” to receive a message. When users allow messages from companies, they can be eligible to receive special promotions and deals. However, if users choose to ignore the offers, the company can then “unfollow” them and stop sending them these special offers.

Though the latest news on Twitter concentrates on their business performance, another set of news concentrates on possible psychological effects, particularly that of a user in Berlin, Germany.

According to a study featured on the CBS Local News website in Sacramento, California, a patient known as “Mrs. C” was studied by five doctors at a psychiatric hospital. She was admitted for experiencing symptoms of psychosis after she had admitted to using the social networking service for one year.

The patient was found to have no previous record of psychological disorders. She admitted to spending several hours a day on Twitter, however, and had even skipped meals and sleep. Eventually, she believed a famous actor was sending her messages through codes, and later, she applied these messages to her “real-world environment.” Doctors reported they believed the patient had developed a case of “systematized paranoid delusion.”

Mrs. C was reported as eventually recovering from her symptoms, and had expressed she no longer had any interest in using Twitter. Doctors also stated she had become “free of internet addiction.” Though Twitter is trying to improve their market performance appeal, the latest news on Twitter shows their users may be susceptible to messages that cater to data history and user preferences.

By Liz Pimentel

 CBS Local News

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