Lindsay Lohan Suing Rockstar for Publicity?

Lindsay Lohan

Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar has accused Lindsay Lohan of suing the company for publicity. The studio claims that it is a frivolous suit and should be thrown out of the courts rather than entertained.

It is no secret that the Mean Girls actress has been struggling with her career over recent years. She is considered a loose cannon and many producers simply no longer want to work with her. There have been scandals over and over again due to her constant trips to rehab that do not seem to be working for her at all.

She needed publicity and needed money, and what better way than to sue a major company? Rockstar seemed like the perfect opportunity, considering a character does seem to portray Lohan’s past. However, it portrays the past of a number of troubled celebrities, including Paris Hilton. There is also the fact that the storyline involves being a member of the paparazzi, but all celebrities have to deal with that.

According to the Freaky Friday actress, the character Lacey Jonas mimics her look and life. However, Rockstar developers standby their claim that the young and blonde look is the only thing that mimics her—and many other celebrities out there and nobody else is complaining. Lohan is suing for the use of her image without any permission.

It is a difficult one to call without knowing all the details of the lawsuit. A judge will need to decide whether there is any chance that the character was just inspired by the actress’s failing career or is supposed to be her with a different name. Rockstar is adamant that there are no similarities apart from the main young and blonde look and that Lohan is just suing the company for publicity.

As well as wanting the case thrown out, the studio reportedly wants the actress fined. It claims that she is wasting the time of the studio’s legal team and the judge residing over the case. She should be punished for doing that.

The studio has explained that there will be elements that mimic parts of Los Angeles. There are buildings designed to look the same and other parts of L.A. life included. It is supposed to be a parody of the city, so similarities should be expected.

This is not the first time The Parent Trap actress has filed a frivolous lawsuit. She sued Pitbull for using her arrest improperly in a song. However, that case was thrown out of court.

Lohan claimed that she could sue back in November when GTA V was released. However, she waited until July to finally do something. Conveniently, this was just after finding out her reality TV show did not do as well as she hoped and was going to be dropped from Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. It could just be coincidence, but there does seem to be an element of planning involved. Maybe Rockstar is considering that as it claims that Lohan suing the studio for GTA V is just for publicity.

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