Los Jets: Kick It Up and Fight or Flight End the NUVOtv Series [Preview]

Los Jets

Los Jets, the six episode docuseries that was co-executive produced by Jennifer Lopez and her sister Lynda, will have its fifth episode this coming Wednesday, August 6, 2014. In Kick It Up, it will be do-or-die time for the team members of Los Jets as they lace up for the 2013 playoffs.The episode is sure to be an intense and exciting one for viewers of this hit NUVOtv Network series about a Siler City, North Carolina, high school soccer team.

Los Jets, of the Jordan-Matthews High School soccer team, are composed of Latinos, the teenage sons of immigrants. Many of them are undocumented, but they are striving to succeed despite the odds stacked against them and fit in with the American culture. They are held together by their heritage and their love of soccer, called futbol or football by much of the world.

After the first game proves to be a challenging one for Los Jets, Coach Cuadros will stage an intervention for his team, involving players from the team’s past, including ones from the 2004 Los Jets that Cuadros took all the way to the winner’s circle that year. Coach Cuadros hopes that this intervention will motivate his current team and pump them up to help rally a victory.

Coach Paul Cuadros founded the team, wanting to provide an outlet for the sons of the Latino immigrants of Siler City. He wanted to give them a taste of success and incorporate their love of soccer, in the hopes that this taste of what success was like would also transfer into their academic lives at the high school and to getting into college and later successes in their lives.

Though Coach Paul Cuadros had only one team member from the 2004 Los Jets who went on to college, many of his more recent teams have had over half of the team members going on to attend college. Of these, many have been admitted because of the academic qualifications, rather than on just sports scholarships.

The finale of the six episode docuseries, Los Jets, will air two Wednesdays from now, on Wednsday, August 13, at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT. The finale will be called Fight or Flight. It promises to be full of fierce opponents, ones who will not hesitate at using dirty tricks if that is what it takes to beat Los Jets.

Besides being an exciting a true-life TV sports drama that is entertaining for the entire family to watch, Los Jets on NUVOtv also deals with some of today’s most important social issues, like immigration and integration of Latinos into the melting pot that is America. Coach Cudros, other than receiving a small travel stipend, coaches Los Jets for free.

The finale two episodes of Los Jets, Kick It Up and Fight or Flight, are sure to continue the Must See TV qualities of the series that have driven it to being one of NUVOtv’s highest-rated series yet. The team members of Los Jets face and deal with adversity on a daily basis, both on and off of the playing field. Watch this high school soccer team made up of Latino teenagers as they battle and struggle to make it back to the North Carolina State Championships with the hope of winning it all!

Written By: Douglas Cobb

(Photo Courtesy: NUVOtv. Left to Right: Darwin Ramirez, Martin Carrillo, Coach Paul Cuadros, Daniel Estrada, Jonathan Lopez, Cirilo Rangel)

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