Man Killed at Wiz Khalifa Concert

A man has been shot and killed during a Wiz Khalifa concert, reports have confirmed. The incident occurred near San Jose on Friday night. The shooting occurred backstage while the singer was still performing.

Reports state that it was around 11 at night when shots were heard at the Shoreline Amphitheatre, located in the Mountain View area of California, where Khalifa was performing. The victim was reportedly shot five times, passing away at the scene. The tragedy was reportedly the result an argument between two men that escalated to the breaking point, upon which one man fired upon the other. The identity of the men is not yet known, and authorities say that security cameras will be of little assistance due to the darkness of the hallway the two men were standing in.

Those who were also backstage at the time and witnessed the shooting have been interviewed by police for a substantial amount of time, but have not yet been implicated in the crime as anything other than witnesses. So far, authorities involved in the incident do not believe the shooter nor the victim were in any way associated with Khalifa, and he is not being investigated for the time being.

This is not the first predicament the 26-year-old has been involved with in recent history. In May of this year, he was placed under arrest at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport after TSA officials discovered marijuana among the man’s possessions. Possession of marijuana is against the law in Texas, so he was turned over to the appropriate authorities and spent time in jail. While in his cell, Khalifa snapped a selfie and posted it to his Twitter. This launched an investigation amongst jail authorities, as allowing inmates to take mobile devices into their cell is a break of prison conduct. Those in charge at the prison began to look into whether or not the matter was simply the result of a turned back or whether someone had willingly facilitated the jail picture in order to please Khalifa. A warrant was then issued for his arrest after he chose to skip his court hearing regarding the marijuana arrest, and he did nothing to keep from the spotlight. He appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon shortly after blowing off his hearing, a matter which infuriated authorities in El Paso.

Khalifa, real name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, has been dominating the Rap/R&B charts since 2008, when his single, Say Yeah, began climbing the charts, although his first album was released in 2006. His second album, Deal or No Deal, was released in 2009, leading to his first number one single. Black & Yellow soared to first place on the Billboard Hot 100. He is also well-known for his singles Work Hard, Play Hard and Remember You, released off of his fourth studio album entitled O.N.I.F.C. He has been married to model Amber Rose since July of 2013, and the couple have one child together.

Authorities have confirmed that a man was shot and killed at Wiz Khalifa’s Friday night concert in California. While they are still investigating the incident, they are not looking into the rapper as a suspect at this time.

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