Mariah Carey Continues to Refuse Comment on Divorce

Mariah Carey has once again refused to give any comment surrounding the possible upcoming divorce between her and estranged husband Nick Cannon. The 44-year-old declined once more to release any statement when she was approached during a shopping run in New York city early Monday afternoon.

Carey had just exited a store with her nephew when she was approached by a photographer, having just purchased a hat which she placed on her head immediately. The photographer asked if she would be willing to discuss the current marital issues she is experiencing with Cannon. The Glitter star responded that it was simply too hot to discuss such a topic, and went on her way. Many feel as though this was simply another instance of Carey being unwilling to discuss the issue, a possibility that seems especially likely considering that the temperature in New York on that day was only in the approximate region of 80 or so degrees.

The singer has been unwilling to participate in any public discussions concerning her marriage since the start of the divorce rumors, which began earlier this month. Even after the news broke that the two had been living separately for months, she still declined to give her take on the matter. Those in the multi-Grammy winning artist’s camp have only been willing to say that Carey’s current focus is on the well-being of her children, a matter in which she places first priority.

Her estranged husband gave a public statement last weekend in which he claims that he was the one to terminate the relationship, not the other way around. Sources close to his wife have given statements to the contrary, saying that Carey was in constant fear of her husband being unfaithful, to the point that she hired extra security to monitor his activities while the two were apart. Cannon claims these reports are simply untrue, and that it was Carey’s tumultuous emotional state as well as her obsessive need to control everyone around her that made him pull the plug. He goes as far to say that he is worried about the environment his two children will be forced to endure while living with their mother, a situation in which he believes they are already suffering and are discontented with. He has reportedly informed his lawyers to handle the divorce as quick and painlessly as possible, in order to make life easier for the children.

The couple are parents to twins born in 2011, a boy and a girl named Moroccan and Monroe Cannon. The custody arrangements, should the couple go through with divorce, are yet unknown; however, sources close to Cannon state he has reportedly been extremely upset at the fact that he is currently being kept away from his children per Mariah’s request. The singer is reportedly very reluctant to allow her husband to see their twins, and is executing full reign since the children currently live in her house.

It is unclear if or when Mariah Carey will address the divorce rumors that have been circulating Hollywood for the past few weeks. However, both her and Cannon have made it extremely clear that, no matter what, their children come first.

by Rebecca Grace

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