Martin Lawrence Jokes With Jimmy Fallon on Tonight Show on NBC

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Martin Lawrence

Comedian Martin Lawrence (Partners) joked with Jimmy Fallon and actress Jenny Slate talked about her new FX series, Married, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Singer Aloe Blacc was the musical guest. Fallon had a great line up of guests for this Friday night, as he usually does on Fridays.

Jimmy Fallon started off joking about Rob Ford, who he called “the best thing that has ever happened for our show.” After making a few jokes about Ford, the mayor of Toronto, he then joked about 3D printers that are now available to use at Home Depot.

“Facebook Headlines” was the next topic of his monologue. “Headline News: Couples Facebook Account Clearly Written Only By Wife” was one of the headlines he mentioned.

Fallon then joked about the TV show, Teen Jeopardy. He said that the category “Sports” was the one left until the end, but one of the others was “Second Base.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon did one of his most popular segments, “Thank You Notes.” He made the keyboard player, who tries to look serious, crack up. “Thank you, relationship between Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog, for introducing what I assume would be a genetic nightmare,” was one of the “Thank You Notes.” Another one was “Thank you, reviews on Amazon, for letting me know what crazy people think about the object I will buy.”

Martin Lawrence was Fallon’s first guest. Lawrence will be starring in Partners which will premiere on FX this coming Monday. He and Jimmy Fallon did a cool dance before Lawrence took a seat.

“You don’t want a catch phrase that sticks with you?” Fallon asked him, after Lawrence said “What’s up?” which is a catch phrase of his, as well as being one that Jimmy “J.J.” Walker said on Good Times.

He said he did not mind, but he did not like people coming up to him and shouting it in his face. Fallon and Martin Lawrence talked about shows that Lawrence has been on, like The Martin Lawrence Show and Martin. Fallon mentioned that Chris Rock said “I can’t follow Martin Lawrence. He destroys!”

Lawrence said that his oldest daughter, Jasmine, is 18 and “on her way to Duke.” He asked her to watch one of his stand-up comedy DVDs. He said that he told her it was real and raw, but she really liked it.

Back from a commercial break, Martin Lawrence told Jimmy that he used to live in Flushing, Queens. He went back to Merlin, D.C., and Claudia McMahon, Ed McMahon’s daughter, discovered him. He first appeared on Star Search.

Lawrence then said that he was banned for a while from NBC after he hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) and did oral sex jokes in his monologue. “I was wrong,” he admits.

In Partners, Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer play lawyers. He said that he met Kelsey at a Christmas party at Tim Allen’s house. That prompted Fallon to say “We should have him on.” Then, Jimmy showed a clip from Partners. It looks like it will be a funny series.

Martin Lawrence

Jenny Slate was Jimmy Fallon’s second guest of the evening. She will be starring in the new FX series, Married. According to Fallon, Jenny helped out and played a page in a skit when he hosted the Late Show on NBC.

“I just remembered how funny you were,” Fallon said. He asked her if she “watched reality TV shows.”

“I watch The Bachelor,” she said.

“That show calms me down,” Fallon said. “Like my life is so much better than that of those people.”

Fallon asked her about a movie Slate will be starring in, called Nobody’s Child. She called it “a romantic comedy,” though it deals with some dramatic and tragic topics, like getting dumped and abortion.

Slate said that Married is about a group of married couples. She plays a woman who is married to a friend of her father’s. Her husband on the show is going to be comedian Paul Riser, who she says “is more Paul Riser than Paul Riser, Paul Riser to the max.”

Jimmy Fallon introduced Aloe Blacc, who sang Love Is the Answer from his new album. Blaac is an incredible singer. Adam Levine chose him as a mentor once on The Voice. Aloe Blaac and his band had the audience clapping along as he sang Love Is the Answer.

He included the audience in a Call/Response part of the song. The audience sang “The answer is love,” when he pointed his microphone towards them.

At the end of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon danced a little bit with Aloe Blaac. Then, he headed up and down the aisles of the studio, giving people high fives and autographs.

Michael Lawrence started off The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon right, joking with Fallon and talking about his new FX series, Partners. Jenny Slate mentioned her own upcoming FX series, Married. FX, it appears, is signing some very talented and funny comedians to star in their new programs. Aloe Blaac, who concluded the show, is an amazing singer and his new album will likely be a big seller.

Written By Douglas Cobb