Technology News: GLV Daily Digest for August 1, 2014


The Technology News Daily Digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 1, 2014 includes stories about the financial gains of the pioneer of fully electric personal transportation, the unfortunate casualties of Apple’s merger with Beats, and the exciting return of a popular Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Technology crosses over into the business world for a day on the first of August, 2014.

Tesla Motors

The fully electric vehicles made by Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors have been highly anticipated by tech and car enthusiasts alike. This is reflected in Tesla’s most recent financial reports from the Wall Street Stock Exchange. The company’s value has risen 6 percent in Friday’s afternoon stock trading. Wall Street initially expected Tesla Motors Inc. to report a stock earning of 4 cents per share, but the surprising spike resulted in shares being traded at 7 cents higher than was foreseen. A spokesperson for Tesla commented that although 2014 has been an active year for the company, they expect 2015 to be more so. Tesla continues adding more charging stations across the country with the expectations of increased sales. Tesla’s stock has been steadily rising as the company grows, nearly doubling last year between the months of November and February. Elon Musk has commented that he believes the company will continue to grow throughout the next several years, beginning with the reveal of Tesla’s Model E in early 2015.


As super-company, Apple prepares to begin the consumption of Beats by Dre, an announcement has been made that it is prepared to cut around 200 jobs from its new subsidiary. The large number of cuts comprises approximately 30 percent of Beats’ entire workforce. The much smaller company has only 700 people currently in its employ. The Beats employees likely to lose their jobs are workers in the smaller company’s human resources department and supporting financial positions. Apple has already communicated its intention to merge these functions with its own existing operations. The majority of the Beats employees who will be transitioning over to their new parent company are expected to be relocated from the current Beats’ offices over to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The merger in which Apple acquired the headphones manufacturing and music streaming company for $3 million, is expected to be finalized sometime this fall. This may be just in time for Apple to include Beats earbuds with the new iPhone 6 when it is released.


One of the most popular models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is once again available from the legendary bike manufacturer. The Road Glide will return to Harley-Davidson dealerships along with the new Road Glide Special in 2015. The new bikes feature a sleek design that steers away from the previous model and sets it apart as a standalone bike. The new model was rigorously tested in a wind tunnel during development and is equipped with a triple splitstream vent that reduces head buffeting significantly while still providing a comfortable flow of air around the rider. Outfitted with LED lighting, ergonomic design, a high tech and intuitive entertainment system and Harley-Davidson’s trademark Project RUSHMORE features, the new Road Glide has been igniting excitement with old fans of the established line.

The Technology News Commentary By Faye Barton

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