Microsoft Windows 9 Preview Release on September 30

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It has been an extremely busy year at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash. with the release of Vista, 7 and 8 in a span of a little more than five years. Now, Microsoft has recently announced the newest innovation in computing, the Microsoft Windows 9 preview, called ‘Threshold’, which is set release in a press event on September 30. This new operating system is a look ahead at what is to come for the Windows 9 platform, and for the company itself, which is officially set to release in early 2015.

Microsoft Windows engineers are hopeful that the public will meet Windows 9 with better favor since their Windows 8 system was so difficult to manage. Many consumers were not happy with the navigation of Windows 8 and preferred Windows 7, and even Windows XP and Vista, over the newer version.

Microsoft gave little clue as to what they plan to unveil on Windows 9, but there was a hint that the Charms Bar would be gone, virtual desktops would be introduced, and the Cortana virtual assistant would be standard on all Windows 9 platforms. Microsoft is assuring consumers that the new operating system will be more streamlined and less cluttered, and will be user-friendlier.

Along with the new Microsoft Windows 9 platform, the company is also working on a way to combine the Windows phone with Windows RT. These new developments will be revealed at the Microsoft event, but an actual test run of the new operating system will not be demonstrated, engineers stated. They will merely be introducing and explaining the new features of Microsoft Windows 9.

In the past, Microsoft admitted that many of its platforms could not be easily combined with one another and the company is now hoping, with this new operating system, it can blend the functionality of desktop capabilities with the easy to use Windows phone navigation. For instance, the Cortana virtual assistant is currently only available on the Windows 8.1 phones; however, Microsoft is implementing this useful app on its Windows 9 desktops, as well.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, stated that this Threshold release could not come at a better time, as consumers are currently opting for the ease of use in Windows 7 over the confusing and cluttered tiles of Windows 8. The company was disappointed that its Windows 8 platform lost a staggering 0.06 percentage share points in less than a month during June and July. Ms. Nadella said this was a dramatic hit to the company.

Another statistic that hit hard for Microsoft as a whole was the news that many brands such as HP and Dell, chose to install the Windows 7 versions on their computers, rather than lose money due to consumer dissatisfaction. In the past two years, many consumers even chose to purchase the more expensive Mac computers over Windows products, rather than deal with the hard to use Windows 8 platform. Microsoft is optimistic that this will not be an issue with Windows 9.

The company is hopeful that the release of the new Microsoft Windows 9 preview on September 30 will encourage consumers to have a more positive view of its computers again and persuade them to begin purchasing Microsoft products in the future.

By: Shelly Meyer


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