Missouri Church Leader Arrested Because Allegedly Attempting to Solicit Sex From a Dog

Missouri Church Leader Arrested Because Allegedly Attempting to Solicit Sex From a Dog

It is being reported that a Missouri Baptist church leader has been arrested because he was caught allegedly attempting to solicit sex from a dog and also another type of animal that was of an unknown species. The church leader was arrested after he supposedly turned to the Internet site Craigslist to attempt to arrange a sexual encounter with a dog, authorities said.

Jerald L. Hill, age 56, was put under arrest in Boone County, Missouri, last Tuesday due to suspicion of attempted unlawful sexual intercourse with an animal and attempted animal abuse. Hill was arrested in a Craigslist sting operation after police received a tip about Hill posting messages to the online locale in which he stated he was allegedly seeking dogs and one other type of animal to have sex with. That animal’s specific type was not released with the police report.

Preceding his arrest, Hill was the president and CEO of Missouri’s Windermere Baptist Conference Center. That is considered a nationwide congregation area for leaders of the Baptist faith. Hill was dismissed from his position after the news of his capture became known to the public. Conferring back to church news releases, Windermere has already begun the process of considering a new president and CEO.

Hill was detained by an undercover police detective who worked with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department. The department had been given a tip that an advertisement had been put up on Craigslist; the detective presented a dog and organized a meeting with Hill in a local park.

One individual, writing for the local media, noted that Missouri rulings are not clear when it comes to potential penalties if Hill is found guilty for solicitation. The punishment of performing sexual acts with an animal is considered to be a class A misdemeanor for a first time offense and then after that, any following convictions will be considered class D felonies for any future convictions. However Missouri law does not summarize financial or penitentiary time punishments but does permit a judge to instruct mental assessment and psychotherapy.

Hill was let out of the Boone County Jail after he was able to post bond which totaled $1,000.

Chairman Arthur Mallory said stated that member of the church were concerned about the mental well-being of Mr. Hill and were also troubled about Windermere, although Mallory stated Windermere would carry on and function in a respectable way. He added that the center was a noteworthy piece of his church’s work. A church board has plans on voting about Windermere sometime in the upcoming week at the center’s grounds which are on the Lake of the Ozarks. They will be searching for a new CEO.

Windermere is a huge facility that contains caves to explore, a water park and a paintball course. The Missouri chapter of the Baptist church says it provides a Christian setting where life changing experiences might happen.

Hill has been released on bond after he paid a fee of $1,000.

The Baptist church leader was taken into custody after Hill was caught in the Craigslist sting. He was reportedly attempting to obtain sex from both a dog and also some other type of animal but that species was not revealed to the public. The church leader was taken to jail after he supposedly turned to Craigslist as a way for him to arrange sexual encounters with the animals, authorities said. Apparently he was hoping to get in touch with owners who were willing to put their animals through such abuse.

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