Mork Returns to Ork

MorkThe beloved Mork has returned to his home planet Ork. He will be missed! But while he was here, he blessed the world in ways that cannot be imagined. Mork was unique in every way, never worrying about his madcap ways that made him so loveable.

While humor and laughter were forbidden on Ork, he came to earth to teach humans that humor was a good thing. Laughter, he taught, was a cure-all to whatever was ailing the world.

He came to earth in an egg-shaped spacecraft waiting to be hatched into a new beginning. Initially he came to earth as a dog, but found that unconditional love was not what humans were about. To get his message across properly, he had to assume human form.

Ork was a humorless place, as Earth can be as well. But Mork would have none of that. In spite of all that was wrong with this world, the pain and suffering, the bigotry and hate, the abuse and prejudices, Mork made it his business to find that happy medium that would lift people up to rise above their self-created misery.

His was a happy world, a world that needed to be shared, a world that every living being was entitled to enjoy. It was laughter that made his world go around, and humor was his delivery system. Problems were only minor obstacles, small stumbling blocks that prevented people, if only momentarily, from realizing their true, happy and joyful nature.

Mork’s return to Ork came at a time of turmoil in this world. It came at a time of strife and discontent. It came at a time when Mork was needed most and he delivered. If only for a moment, it was Mork who made the world stand still. It was Mork who made the world stop and think. It was Mork who was able to mix smiles with tears as he left this world to return to Ork.

He left Ork a humorless place, but he will turn it into a place of fun and laughter upon his return. Mork did that on earth. On Ork he will reunite with his own kind. He will be embraced warmly for all he managed to accomplish on earth. The Orkans will realize that Mork was ahead of his time, that he understood that joy and laughter is in everyone’s DNA and cannot be suppressed. Joy and laughter is at the heart and soul of all beings.

It may take time as it surely has on this planet. But his seeds have been sown and they will germinate and grow in abundance until this world becomes a joyful and happy place. He will then convert Ork and any other planet that needs a lift and an understanding to what life is all about. Mork will convert the entire universe if he has to.

There are not many people who have the insight into human nature as Mork had. He gave so much of himself that his own inner being began to struggle. He was like a shining light filled with a joyous energy he felt must be shared. There are not many Morkans in this universe. They are a special people with a special purpose, to lighten the load of all humanity.

Mork will be missed. His return to Ork comes at an inopportune time. Undoubtedly there will be tears shed and smiles shared as all of his good times are re-lived. Mork from Ork did not belong to this earthly planet, he belongs to the stars. Mork is a light that continues to shine on the universe. All earthlings have to do is to look at the evening sky and Mork from Ork will be shining on them all.

Opinion By Hans Benes


International Business Times

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