MTV Starlet Diem Brown Courageously Fights Cancer for the Third Time


MTV starlet Diem Brown, from the music network’s reality show  The Challenge, is courageously fighting cancer for the third time. Brown has battled ovarian cancer twice before (first in 2003 and a recurrence in 2012) and was recently diagnosed with colon cancer while in the process of filming a new reality TV show. Brown has also appeared on MTV’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat.

Brown, age 32, collapsed during the filming and underwent two emergency surgery procedures. The first one was to remove a tumor that was obstructing her colon on Aug. 17 and the second surgery occurred three days afterward due to complications from the initial operation.

Brown’s sister Megan stated that after doctors removed the mass impeding her colon they discovered that there were multiple tumors. The second surgery resulted in an infection in her abdomen, People magazine reported. The reality celebrity is currently staying in the intensive care unit of a New York City hospital and is in stable condition. She will remain at the hospital for about two weeks.

Megan continued by saying that Brown’s second operation put her two steps back, but that she will hopefully be recovered enough to begin chemotherapy. She said that although Brown has been in and out of consciousness due to her illness and the medication she has been prescribed, every now and then “you’ll see her spirit,” and the “light back in her eyes.”

The MTV starlet Diem Brown is definitely a strong individual, Megan said. Megan stated confidently that if anyone can courageously fight cancer for a third time, she is sure it is Brown.

During her struggle with ovarian cancer Brown chronicled her journey in a candid blog for and stated that she was incredibly fortunate to have a platform to discuss her illness. She added, “I know I’m not the only one out there going through something like this.”

Brown also spoke to E! News via her sister, saying that she will work hard to win the battle with cancer so that others can know that it is possible to beat the disease. Brown added that the third time has been the most difficult, and has been the most physically, mentally and emotionally the most traumatic. She said that she finds strength in her friends, family and fans. Brown stated that even people that she has never met have been rooting her on and she will not let them down.

Brown’s friends and family, including E! News correspondent and longtime comrade Alicia Quarles, have set up a donation page on to obtain donations in order to help pay her medical bills. Brown had initially started the page to assist those suffering from any disease or illness. More than $7,300 out of the goal of $30,000 has already been raised.

Quarles mentioned that Brown has not just been her best friend but that “she has been like a sister to me for 15 years.” Quarles said that she has seen the strength her friend has shown in overcoming the illness twice before and she knows Brown can do it again. The E! News journalist mentioned that there has been a constant flow of close friends and family watching over Brown at the hospital, reaffirming how many people she has inspired with her gentle spirit. MTV Starlet Brown’s loved ones are helping her get through this trying time as she courageously fights her third round of cancer.

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