66th Primetime Emmy Awards Most Social Awards Show Ever

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The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards is set to be the most social interactive awards in the history of award shows. The show will air Monday, August 25, 8 p.m. ET. The 2014 Emmys are airing one month earlier than the 2013 award show and are now airing on Monday night instead of Sunday so not to interfere with NFL programming. Seth Meyers from Late Night on NBC and Saturday Night Live will be hosting the Emmys this year at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles, CA.

NBC and the Television Academy will join with NBC Universal Networks to bring the ultimate social media experience during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. E!, Access Hollywood, the Today show, and Seth Meyers Late Night crew will be steering the social media reigns during the award show.

The audience will have an all access pass via social media during the preparations leading up to the airing of the Emmys, including rehearsals, backstage action and the red carpet. Meyers and Late Night fans have been enjoying exclusive backstage footage and various other content through Meyers social networks all week preceding the Emmy awards show airing this Monday.

Twitter and Facebook will be major contenders during the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Twitter will be show footage from the red carpet pre-show via zip line camera, giving the viewers an interesting vantage point for celebrity sightings. The majority of all video, photo’s, and interviews will be shared on the Facebook pages of NBC, E!, Access Hollywood, The Television Academy and other participants in the social media program for the Emmy show.

Facebook will be introducing the “Mentions Box” at the Emmy Awards this year. The digital “Magic 8-Ball/Etch-A-Sketch” will be given to a celebrity by an Access Hollywood host, who will then shake the device. A question that was submitted by an Access Hollywood fan, specifically for the Emmys and the nominees, will pop up for a celebrity to answer. The celebrity will then hit the “Response” button for a video answer. The host will then post it on Facebook for the followers to view.

Viewers can visit Eonline.com to view content from the Glam Cam and Live from the Red Carpet live stream. The hosts on E! will also be answering viewer questions submitted through Twitter and Facebook. @Eonline will be covering the Emmys with live tweeting while using the #eredcarpet hashtag. Eonline.com will also be posting behind the scenes Emmy action on Instagram, as well as a day-in-the-life of an E! reporter from the red carpet. The Today show contribution to the social media extravaganza involves a Vine 360 station. Today will post video content to their various social accounts during the Emmys.

The 66th Primetime Emmys will be like no other award show, and social media is the reason. Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram will play a major part, which will contribute to a major increase in viewership leading up to and during the awards. With so many options for viewing, very few moments will be missed. Viewers will get to see celebrities behind the scenes and in unprecedented situations to television viewers. There will be many firsts that are sure to happen at the 66th Primetime Emmys in 2014.

By Christina Thompson

Access Hollywood

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