My Ice Bucket Challenge and You Will Not Believe Who I Nominated

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ice bucket challenge boy george Jann arden debbie harry lainey luiIf you haven’t heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge yet then you must either live in a cave somewhere or completely living a life off grid. The charity raising sensation has gone viral on media outlets for weeks with many celebrity videos appearing on the news and many are wondering when this trend will ever stop. When I awoke this morning to a video message sent on my phone I sat up in bed, shocked. The video was of my brother and his wife and to my surprise and amusement they were doing the ice bucket challenge. The smile didn’t last long when my brother nominated myself and my older brother as well as two other friends. Considering my brother knows very well that I and cold anything (unless of course that anything is a delicious alcoholic beverage) do not mix. So I decided to take the challenge, not only because it is for an excellent cause and lots of fun to be involved but also because I wanted to nominate some people myself and you would not believe who I actually nominated to take the icy cold challenge.

Sadly, Corey Griffin died last week during celebrations for ALS fundraising. The 27-year-old died after jumping off a roof into the waters off Nantucket Island. Griffin was a very good friend of the ALS ice bucket challenge creator and will be sadly missed by family and friends.

It is crazy to think that during such a good cause that tragedy could strike. However, all of his hard work raising awareness for the Lou Gehrig’s disease helped raise over $11 million U.S. dollars for the ALS organization. He will surely be remembered for his dedication and hard work for this paralyzing disease.

At first, I wanted to nominate Ellen DeGeneres because, well, I have her in my living room every day, so why not challenge the TV comedic host? DeGeneres was already nominated though, so I had to come up with other celebrities I love and see if they would accept. You are going to have to see my ice bucket video at the end of this article to see just who I decided to nominate – and you would not believe who I nominated.

So right after writing this article I am taking the challenge and posting this immediately. Already I am shivering just thinking of how cold it is going to be but, like I said, it is for an excellent cause and awareness of such diseases is crucial for fundraising to find a cure.

So even though there is no sign of this thing slowing down and people are starting to get weary of all the videos being slammed over social media, here is yet another. Once you get nominated though, how can you just say no? Well you could decline and just donate but really, where is the fun in that? So I hope you enjoy my ice bucket challenge and the celebrities I have nominated to do the same and because I never met any of these people it will be interesting if or who of the four actually do respond. Hope you enjoy and remember, if you get nominated for the ice bucket challenge it just might bring a smile to your face that lasts all day long.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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