Nipsey Hussle Arrested For Getting Involved in Another’s Arrest

Rapper Nipsey Hussle has been arrested for interfering in the arrest of a man authorities were after for violating his probation. The incident occurred on the night of Friday, August 29th.

Police responded to a report that a man had violated his probation and was currently located in a clothing store in downtown Los Angeles. Upon searching the store for the alleged parole violator, they came across Hussle, who committed an undisclosed action that authorities viewed as obstructing an officer which subsequently resulted in his arrest. He was released shortly after his arrest after posting bail in the amount of $13,000. The rapper gave a statement shortly following the incident in which he expressed his feelings that the arrest was unfair and without reason. A representative for Hussle has said that the arrest will not affect their client’s upcoming performance at the upcoming Made in America festival, which takes place in Los Angeles on the August 31st.

This is not the 29 year old’s first altercation with the law. Last July, the California native was handcuffed during a rally for Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager who was killed by a fatal bullet shot by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman. Zimmerman claimed self-defense and was thereby acquitted. Hussle was apprehended at the rally because authorities believed he was in possession of a gun, of which they suspected he was brandishing at others. Upon placing the rapper in handcuffs, police conducted a search of his person, after which they concluded that he was not in possession of a weapon of any kind.

When giving a statement regarding the Martin incident, Hussle said he believes the confusion regarding authorities thinking he had a gun may have formed from a previous altercation he was involved in that night, when someone he did not know threw a bottle at his car. He said that he and some associates exited the vehicle in an attempt to speak with the individual, but the person in question was already gone. Upon returning to the vehicle and beginning to drive away, Hussle said he and his crew were instantly surrounded by police officers. The rapper was extremely upset with how the situation was handled, later saying that the officers in question used excessive force not only on him, but also on his disabled brother. He reported that officers forced his brother’s face into the concrete by way of a knee to the man’s spine and twisting his arm. Hussle says his brother was in no way resisting the officer’s attempts to subdue him. The two were reportedly kept on scene for a total of four hours before authorities finally conceded that the rapper did not in fact have a gun. When asked if he felt the incident was in any way associated to racial profiling, especially given the event it occurred at, he responded that he did not. He went on to say that it was more likely an instance of Los Angeles Police Department officers overreacting, which he believes happens far too often.

More information regarding Nipsey Hussle’s arrest has yet to be released. However, Hussle has been clear so far as to his opinion that the incident was unjust and that he did not deserve to be arrested.

by Rebecca Grace

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