Possible UFO Sightings From ISS Space Cameras [Video]

ISS and UfO

Possible UFO, or unidentified flying object sightings were taken from space cameras aboard the International Space Station (ISS). UFO watchers tracked mysterious objects appearing in video footage taken aboard the station. Blurry white objects appear in three videos and eventually vanish overtime.

Nina Golgowski of The New York Daily News reported three mysterious sightings have taken place over the past couple of weeks. The first of the three sightings took place on August 4 when an object appears in live-feed coverage taken aboard the ISS. The footage shows the object come close to the station. Moments later, the video cuts to a blue screen and then the object appears faint. However, the coverage from the camera appears to also change while the station is orbiting the Earth, as seen by how the footage tracks the surface of the Earth.

The next sighting reportedly took place on August 7 with help from a NASA HD Camera. The feed was posted onto a video by a You Tube user known as StreetCap1. In the video, a bright glowing shape with five points can be seen. Like the footage from August 4, the object simply fades away. Again, because the video feed is coming from the ISS, the view from the camera is also rotating. This makes it hard to decipher whether the object simply fades away, or whether the camera rotates it out of view.

Possible UFO sightings from ISS space cameras have taken place and one of the latest videos occurred on August 12. A “cluster of white dots” is seen in a separate video posted by StreetCap1. In the video, four white dots are near the ISS. Three of them actually appear to barely hover around and then all of them eventually fade away. The difference in this video is the angle in which the image is caught. This time, the rotation of the ISS makes no difference.

Carol Christian of the Houston Chronicle originally documented the enthusiasm of these “dedicated” UFO watchers who had caught the footage. The material was first noticed on a blog called UFO Sightings Daily ran by Scott C. Waring, who is located in Taiwan.

Waring, who admitted to taking screenshots of the live feed and posting it on his You Tube channel, also refers to videos from fellow You Tube user, StreetCap1. Waring claims the user is a “famous UFO researcher.”  Though StreetCap1 has a separate, six-year-old blog which also features You Tube videos, he appears to keep his identity anonymous.

The report by Houston Chronicle also includes a slide show of recent pictures taken by NASA’s Mars Rovers. The 27-picture slide show features double shots of  various images of Mars. These images were claimed to have contained familiar types of shapes and flashes of light. Though various angles and distances were apparent in the pictures, it appears people have allowed their imagination to get the best of them.

The images and lights on the photos appear to be reflections of the sun, or shadows or shapes of rocks. Even the flashes of light  featured in the You tube videos appear to be celestial bodies of light which may even be a distant gamma ray burst. However, the August 12 video coverage appears mysterious because it is a cluster of white dots which are rather close to the ISS.

Possible UFO sightings were caught from space cameras aboard the ISS. Though there could be dozens of explanations as to what the blurry objects were in the footage provided by live-camera video feeds, it appears UFOs continue to be just that – unidentified flying objects.

By Liz Pimentel


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