Rising Star on ABC Quarterfinals Night #1 [Recap & Review]

Rising Star

Tonight on Rising Star on ABC, the field of competitors will get narrowed down even more. By the end of tonight, only six of the eight performers will be moving on. The five who get the highest votes will sit in the five chairs that are reserved for them, while the West Coast will save one of the others, so that six will move on.

Josh Groban said “Only the top five will be moving on, plus our West Coast save.” He added that each of “The votes of the experts tonight will only be worth 3 percent so the votes of America will be even more important.”

Joshua Peavy is the first performer. He is from Georgia. The song he will be singing is American Woman. He sings with a full band and he ROCKS the song out, though America is slow to give him their votes. Kesha, her hair dyed yellow, votes “yes” for him. He eventually makes it to 71 percent, which is pretty darn good. All of the Experts ended up voting “yes” for him.

Kesha said “I was a little skeptical of the song choice, but you got my vote.”

Ludacris said “I voted ‘yes’ along with the people at home.” Ludacris is closely paying attention, using his cell phone, to what the viewers of America are tweeting about the performers.

Brad said “You really had the moves. You got moves.”

Josh said that the chairs to the left were reserved for the top five vote getters. Dana Williams will perform next. She was saved by the West Coast. Ludacris said “You can see, feel, and hear the passion in her voice.”

Dana will sing Human. She has a beautiful, lilting voice. Brad and Kesha voted “yes” for her. Ludacris voted “no.” The vote closed with Dana only getting 57 percent of the votes.

Ludacris said “There were some parts that were a little ‘iffy,’ so I voted no.’

Kesha said “I loved it, so I voted ‘yes.'”

Brad said “I’m still looking for something from you. If you make it to next week, I want to see it.”

“Tonight, our Top Eight performers will take the stage, but only the Top Six will move on to next week’s Semifinals,” Josh said.

April Lockhart will take the stage next. Brad called her “freakin’ fierce. Maybe we’re finding that there just isn’t anything that she doesn’t sound cool doing.”

April sings Girls Just Want to Have Fun. The audience claps along right from the very beginning as she sings. Brad and Luacris vote “no” for her, though Kesha votes “yes.” She just got 27 percent.

Brad said “Maybe we just found one you can’t do.”

Ludacris said “That was a bad song choice for April.”

Kesha said “I adore you, but I also don’t think it was the best song choice for you.”

Josh then introduced Maneepat Molloy. Ludacris said “She continues to do better each and every chance she gets to perform.”

Maneepat sings the Elton John song Your Song. She NAILS it! The version she sings is pretty AMAZING! Brad Paisley and Ludacris vote “no” for her. She just gets 46 percent of America’s votes, though Kesha voted “yes.” She probably did not get enough votes, unless the votes of the West Coast saves her, to be in the Top Five tonight and move on to next week’s Rising Star Semifinals episode.

Brad said “To me, it needed a little more soul.”

“Audrey Kate Geiger will perform next,” Josh Groban said. First, however, there was another commercial break on Rising Star on ABC.

Audrey Kate Geiger, Kesha said, “Is one of those kinds of girls that every guy falls in love with.”

Ludacris said “She has to pick the right song choice.”

The song that Audrey Kate Geiger will sing is New York State of Mind. She has a very sultry, cool voice. Brad and Ludacris voted “yes” for her relatively quickly. Kesha also voted “Yes” for her. She has an AMAZING voice! She wound up with 85 percent of the votes of America.

Ludacris said he liked everything about her and the song she chose.

Kesha said “You picked the right song and America loved it.”

Brad said “We have a couple of stars this season, and you’re one of them.”

Josh said “From now on, the lowest scoring performer will be going home. April is the lowest scoring performer so far, so she is the first to take the Hot Seat.”

Austin French is going to perform next. He is Jesse Kinch’s roommate. Jesse said that “He talks in his sleep.”

Austin, who recently got married, will be singing The House of the Rising Sun. He started out without any musical accompaniment. He sounded very soulful and really got the audience into his performance. Ludacris voted “yes” and so did Brad. Austin WAILED as he continued on singing. He got to 89 percent of America’s votes!

Brad said “I’ll be honest. I have never loved that song. But, you did it well.”

Kesha said “I used to cover that song. I love that song!”

Ludacris said “I love that song, but more than that, I love how you changed some of the vocal arrangements of that song.”

April Lockhart had to leave the Hot Seat. Now, Maneepot Molloy has taken it. If Shameia Crawford, who will be singing next, gets a higher score than Maneepot did, than Molloy will be going home.

When Rising Star on ABC returns from a commercial break, Josh Groban thanks a home viewer, Tammy, for voting and watching the show. “It’s raise the Wall or go home for Shameia Crawford,” said Josh.

She was the first “save” ever on Rising Star. Ludacris said “She goes home, she studies, and I can feel it.”

Shameia, 30, will sing Skyscraper tonight. She does a great job, getting the audience to clap along as she sings. The votes are slow to mount, though Brad votes “yes” for her, as does Kesha. She manages to get 54 percent of America’s votes, which is higher than Maneepat.

Kesha said “I loved the conviction in your eyes. It was so intense.”

Ludacris said “You are the one who wants it the most!”

Brad said “You are like a race horse. Watch it a little bit, though.”

Host of Rising Star, Josh Groban, said that Jesses Kinch will be performing next. He has always gotten the highest score every episode he has performed in, but he might have a hard time beating the 89 percent that Austin French got from America.

Jesse Kinch will be performing Money (That’s What I Want), which will probably be a very good song choice for him, one that he can rock out on. If Jesse gets a higher score than Shameia, who is currently in the Hot Seat, then Shameia will be going home tonight.

Brad said “I want to see Jesse make all the right choices in his career. Whether he wins this show or not, he has a career.”

Jesse started off the song slow, dramatic and fierce. Then, he just all-out ROCKED IT OUT! Ludacris voted “yes” right away, then Kesha followed suit, but Brad Paisley voted “no.” Jesse NAILED IT and had the audience going wild and clapping along as he sang. He ended up with 88 percent of the votes.

Ludacris said “Some people work hard at it, some people are born with it. I think you have both.”

Brad voted “no.” He said “That is sort of a cliche cover song. I want a song that shows me something unique, something that feels like it’s modern radio.”

Kesha said “I don’t think you need to listen to him. You know what you’re doing. I think that singing cover songs conveys that perfectly.”

Shameia, unfortunately, had a lower score than Jesse, so she will be going home, unless the votes of the West Coast saves her. The Top Five who will be moving on to next week on Rising Star on ABC are Jesse Kinch, Austin French, Joshua Peavy, Audrey Kate Geiger and Dana Williams.

There were some amazing performances tonight on Rising Star on ABC, perhaps especially those of Audrey Kate Geiger singing New York State of Mind, Austin French performing The House of the Rising Sun and Jesse Kinch performing Money (That’s What I Want). A surprise was that Jesse Finch was outscored tonight, by none other than his roommate, Austin French, though only by one percentage point. One of the eliminated performers on Rising Star on ABC will get to join the five of the performers who received the highest scores. The competitor who will be saved and will be the sixth one moving on will be determined by the votes of the West Coast.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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