Supermoon, Sharks and Soup

Supermoon, Sharks and Soup

The Supermoon is full, bewitching and becoming. Sharks are center stage with Sharknado 2 and a week of shark tales on The Discovery Channel. Soup is tasty and calming to the soul, but could pose a choking hazard. Do any of these things have anything at all in common?

Yes, and it all ties together in strange and frightful ways. Just by going out your front door each day can yield a multitude of unpredictable events by living in the world. As we try to be up on current events, we easily get side-tracked and focus on outer body and outer space connections. The Supermoon draws us in with fascination and helps to erase the woes of our problems. It reminds us that there is more to life than this world, as we gaze in amazement and awe.

Many photo opts are taken advantage of and shared on social media, as we all reach for something more beyond our hectic and stressful lives. Sharks in turn also take note of the moon and calculate their next moves accordingly. As intelligent as they are, little do they know they could be sliced and diced for shark fin soup at a moments notice.

Supermoon, Sharks and SoupIt all boils down to the science of broth, a shark fin broth to be exact. Cutting off fins of a shark and mixing them in a tasty broth has been a long time delicacy of Asian cuisine. Used primarily for weddings and other special celebrations, the shark of the deep ocean waters is both feared and respected. Fishermen have no problem capturing the creature simply for its fins that will be used solely for a special soup. Other uses of shark fins include the cartilage which is made into tablets to ward off cancer and osteoporosis. The shark’s fin is chopped off and the rest of the body is cast off to sea to die a slow death. Many moons upon the ocean cannot prevent this barbaric practice.

The shark is sly, but plays his cards by the light of the moon. Temperatures, days of the week and calendar charts help to determine the scope of the sharks travels. Most shark attacks that have been reported occur in mid-afternoon, dispelling the true relation of moon influenced sharks. As wolves have been known to howl at the moon, sharks are also in tune with their balance within the moon beams reflected on their territory. They can attack for various reasons, but are mostly unproven by influence of the moon. Moon and sharks are related by strange events, but still very slim in deaths compared to others.

Actually choking on soup by the light of the moon, may pose more hazards than a shark bite. Supermoon crazed actions could also bring out the daredevils and weirdos with the beaming light from beyond the earth. Shark attacks remain low in comparison to other types of deaths overall.

Supermoon, Sharks and SoupThe factor that draws people together when it comes to the Supermoon, sharks and even a bowl of soup is the unknown. Fear of the things we do not know for sure are the most eerie and scary things we can imagine. A simple bowl of soup can induce panic if one chokes on a noodle or veggie. Worshipping the moon or looking out for sharks may not prevent all danger, as staying safe at home could eventually end in choking on a bowl of soup.

Supermoons, sharks and soup do not usually go together in nature, but the comings and goings of each can pose hazards and hoopla when celebrated or admired. All things simple and pure can turn bad, as a moment in time could change everything. Nothing is truly safe in the warm waters of the ocean with a shark under the spell of the moon. Life is still unpredictable, as sharks are getting primed for soup that could result in death from a simple noodle or fin, whatever the case might be.

Opinion by: Roanne FitzGibbon


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  1. Roger Tyson   August 11, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    This is “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel. Here are some programs that didn’t make the cut!


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