Samsung Beats Apple Debuting Their New Smartwatch


Electronics giant Samsung has made an impact with the debut of their new smartwatch, beating Apple to the punch. As far as the current smartwatch category goes, it looks like it is going to be a race for the top between multiple brands that are unveiling them so close apart. Samsung has already thrown their hat in the wrist watch mix by previously releasing the Galaxy Gear 2, as well as the Gear Neo. However, the company’s new and improved “Galaxy Gear S” is what they are presently focusing on.

The new design of the smartwatch, said to have a 2-inch curved display showing off its 360 x 480 resolution, allows the user to make a phone call completely independent of an actual smartphone. Also, the smartwatch does not need any Bluetooth connectivity.

The recently unveiled Galaxy Gear S comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, GPS, navigational features for pedestrians, atmospheric light sensors, a heart rate and UV monitor, and it enables a user to send a text from their wrist. Although that may sound like a mouthful, that is still only about half of its features. Another enhanced feature is the ability to reply to messages using the S voice function, which is completely hands free.

Samsung is hoping to beat its main competitor, Apple, with the debut of some of the new features of their smartwatch. Apps like Nike+ Running will give users the option to track morning or evening runs. Besides Nike+ Running, there are a plethora of health, fitness, and applications for those who lead an active life.

S Health is one of them. The function basically helps to manage certain areas of one’s life, or workout. Some of the capabilities of the smartwatch include allowing the user to monitor a person’s heart rate, informing the wearer when it is a good idea to eat, when he/she has had enough exercise, and when is a good time for some rest. The camera on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S is not a run-of-the-mill component, either. The smartwatch can take a photo in complete 720p, and also in Full HD. The watch is 100 percent waterproof and dust-resistant, so snapping a few underwater pics should not be a problem.

Although the retail price has not yet been revealed, what has been is that the Galaxy Gear S will run on Samsung’s personal operating system called “Tizen.” The fourth advanced smartwatch from the company will have a few accessories that can be purchased to go with the sleek device.

One of these devices is the Gear Circle. The Gear Circle is a wireless headset that can be synced with the Gear S, and can vibrate when a user has a text or a phone call. Samsung has stated that the exclusive headphones, worn around the neck with a magnetic clasp, can be connected to Bluetooth to give voice commands and listen to one’s favorite tracks of music as well. The company has already revealed three colors for the Gear Circle thus far. The shades come in blue, black and white. Samsung has also said that the headset will look to be in markets globally by October.

Nokia made an announcement on Friday of reaching a licensing deal that partners them with Samsung, and will bring their mapping application “It’s Here” to the Galaxy Gear S. The “It’s Here” technology will provide map data to Samsung in the form of an app called “Navigator,” which allows people to turn their wrist to serve as a navigational guide.

Even though Google Maps seems to be the most recognized platform of maps on Android, “Its Here” could be close on its heels. For example, it gives users an option to download maps of entire regions of a city, or certain parts of the country that can be accessed offline. The main difference with Google Maps is that it can only pull up areas that a user has previously already saved. The two tech titans, Samsung and Apple, will both compete by marching to the sound of their own beat in debuting their new smartwatches.

By Theodore Borders


The Wall Street Journal



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