Sarah Palin Endorses Joe Miller


Sarah Palin has endorsed Joe Miller for the Republican Senate primary in Alaska. Miller is considered a Tea Party favorite who has experience in running for Senate in Alaska. Miller ran in 2010 against Senator Lisa Murkowski.

This time, Miller will face fellow Republican Dan Sullivan. Sullivan was a Palin appointee for Attorney General when she was governor. In endorsing Miller, Palin said “The status quo has got to go,” and described Miller as “the man who understands this key to our state and country’s future.” The Republican primary has been hard-fought with several well-known candidates in the race. Currently Miller is considered an underdog against current Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell, Sullivan, and John Jaramillo.

Currently, Sullivan has a comfortable lead. He also has the most money, $1.9 million currently on hand, to spend in challenging Democrat Mark Begich this coming November. Miller has reported $295,000 remaining in his campaign. Begich has $2.8 million, and he is likely to reserve most of that for the general election campaign.

NBC News has described Miller as conservative, yet “inflammatory”, and whether that is an accurate assessment or simply a product of media bias is really up to the voters. Miller believes that he has a chance of winning, saying “This is about dissatisfaction with the political system.” While confident of a win, he is not ruling out the possibility of running as a third party candidate.

Palin Former governor Sarah Palin endorses Joe Miller, and his opponents admit that Miller’s campaign is pushing the race to the right. Popular themes with Miller are immigration, taxes, the IRS scandal, and the big one — the impeachment of President Obama. Supporters say that he has forced the other candidates to talk about issues they would rather not face.

Pollsters say that the numbers are shrinking and Miller is banking on a strong last minute finish. With the election on Tuesday, he will need a very strong showing. The Sullivan race is shrinking the most, which is not unusual in a crowded field in the final days before an election. NBC reports that Democratic super PAC known as “Put Alaska First,” has flooded the airways by purchasing over $4 million in paid ads against Sullivan.

Earlier this week, Fox News called the race “One of the closet and most significant Senate races in the country.” Fox says it could be the one race to ultimately decide which party gets a majority in the Senate.

In terms of geography, Alaska is the largest state in the Union, but in terms of population is one of the smallest. It is also considered one of the most beautiful, bordering the Yukon and British Columbia. As for coastline, the Alaska coast is the longest in the U.S. Alaska also enjoys the waters of the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, the Arctic Ocean and the Chukchi Sea.

All that being said, whoever wins the race for Senate in November will have the longest commute to Washington, DC. Sarah Palin has endorsed Joe Miller, but the rest of Alaska will have to wait a few more days. The primary is this Tuesday and the winner will then have to mount a campaign against Democrat Mark Begich in November.

By Jim Hanemaayer

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