Six Individuals Killed in Automobile Accident Texas Police Say Was Worst Wreck They Ever Seen

Six Individuals Killed in Automobile Accident Texas Police Say Was Worst Wreck They Ever Saw

In Texas, just outside of Houston, six individuals were killed in an automobile accident that local Texas police declared was the worst car wreck they had ever seen. Out of the deceased, four were members of the same family. The accident happened on Sunday evening when an SUV that was speeding while being pursued by Texas police, ran a stop sign.

The family resided less than a block away from the scene of the crash, which was located in League City, Texas. The driver of the SUV, a male age 23, who already had a warrant out for his arrest on felony DWI charges, along with his cousin was also killed.

The chase started around 8:20 p.m. when a local Dickinson County police officer attempted to stop a Dodge Durango that was veering off and on the street and also did not have headlights on. It fled when the officer followed it. The Durango was racing along the street, going at least 100 mph when it picked up even more speed and ran a first stop sign. The SUV hit a vehicle but it was unknown if anyone from that automobile got hurt.

Dickinson police Captain Jay Jaekel spoke to the media and said that the SUV continued to flee and was going so fast that his officer was unable to keep up. The Durango ended up plowing through a second stop sign approximately a mile from the first and smashed into a Honda Accord, which held the family. The SUV then hit a utility pole, which ended up completely knocking power out to the general region of League City.

The family has been identified as Rafael Guererro, age 41; his wife Alejandra, age 38; her brother Gilberto Ortega Jr. age 25; and the Guererros’ teenage son, age 15, whose name was not revealed to the public. Media reports said the family was going home after they had been doing laundry. A news source reportedly spoke with an individual who claimed to be a family member to the four victims. He declared that one of the passengers had just gotten married about three weeks previously.

The driver of the Durango was identified as being Juan Garcia Ahuezoteco and his passenger as Alejandro Molina. They both lived in League City as well.

A witness stated that the lights were off for about an hour or two after the car wreck because two trees happened to catch on fire from the damaged utility pole. This witness also explained that she attempted to help a family member of the victims who came to the scene. She said that she stayed around to help him and also to translate for him.

There were not any police officers hurt in the accident. As of right now, several law enforcement agencies are aiding with the investigation. With six individuals being killed in an automobile accident that police are declaring as the worst car wreck they had ever seen, it is going to take some time to finalize the examination. The accident happened on Sunday evening when the speeding SUV ran a stop sign in Texas.

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