Little Red Riding Hood Game Gets a Kickstarter

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Today’s fairy tales consist of beautiful princesses, heroic knights, lovely fairy Godmothers, wicked villains and, more often than not, are in the context of good always conquers evil. There was a time, however, when this was not so. Fairy tales were notorious for their unforgiving nature to teach kids harsh lessons about reality. Today, Belgian gaming company GriN Studios brings the dark fairy tale to the forefront in their newest game Woolfe-The Red Hood Diaries. But they cannot do it alone, which is why their Little Red Riding Hood game is getting a Kickstarter to give gamers an unforgettable experience.

The game tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood but not as a cute, innocent girl who relies on a woodsman to save her. In this rendition, Little Red is a strong, axe-wielding femme-fatale who takes matters into her own hands. The game looks as if it was directed by Tim Burton and written by Edgar Allan Poe, due to its gothic Victorian-era setting. The game claims to be the true story behind the myth, told through the eyes of Little Red herself as she accounts for what really happened. In the game, she will go out into the dangerous wilderness to uncover a conspiracy involving the death of her father.

The fairy tale setting is a perfect fit to introduce some magical elements into the game play, but as it stands, the game does not provide gamers to use spells while playing. That is where Kickstarter comes in. GriN is asking people on the internet to further fund this project to allow the game’s protagonist, Little Red Riding Hood, to be able to use magic in both combat and puzzle solving. For now, Little Red can only use typical melee attacks, making for it a pretty dull experience. If the Kickstarter project is fully sponsored, the game will allow Little Red Riding Hood to use abilities such as heightened senses, invisibility, teleportation and the ability to summon the spirit of a vengeful wolf.

The Kickstarter site demonstrates a video and a written summary of what potential backers can expect if they were to get involved. The founder and CEO of the company describes Woolfe as a “cinematic action side-scroller combining awesome old-school plat-forming and epic boss fights.” Those who back this project will also be rewarded with additional gifts (depending on how much they are willing to give) such as the full game, exclusive wallpapers, an artbook, the original soundtrack, a Woolfe ringtone, limited edition stickers, a document of enlistment, a beta or alpha game test and a chance to build their own Toy Soldier. In the game, Little Red will go up against an army of giant Toy Soldiers, and those who back this game will get a chance to customize their own Toy Soldier with its aesthetics and abilities. Later on, when backers get the game they will be able to go up against their own creation.

The Kickstarter goal is $50,000, and although the Little Red Riding Hood tone is very dark, the future seems bright for these game developers. In three days the game was able to attract enough attention as to have more than 1,000 backers and more than 50 percent of the goal met. Given that they have 30 days to achieve their target, it seems victory is a sure win. All GriN can hope for is for the hype to not die down. Several websites, such as, and many more have caught on to the attention that has been sweeping the gaming community. But of course, the rules of Kickstarter state that it is either all or nothing.

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