Skin Wars With Rebecca Romijn is a Naked Success [Review & Video]

Skin Wars

Skin Wars is Game Show Networks (GSN) newest Must See television show, with host Rebecca Ronijn, who is stunning and eloquent in her role. She definitely commands attention while, at the same time, she showcases some amazing art. The premise of the show is as literal as its name. Contestants vie for supremacy by being the best body painter around. Skin Wars premiered on Wednesday, August 6, on the GSN channel. It is already making a name for itself.

There are judges, as in any contest, but one stands out from the rest: Ru Paul. He is back and better than ever! The trendy and colorful suits he dons for each show are Ru Paul’s only nod to his outrageous personality as one of the world’s most famous cross-dressers.

On the premier of Skin Wars, body painters were showcased. Their challenge was to do a full body paint on a mostly naked model, highlighting the artists’ home towns. It got interesting, as some of the home towns were Detroit, Hollywood, Florida and New Orleans, to name a few.

The body painting techniques ranged from hand-painted art to use of air brushing techniques that were amazing. Among the early front runners was Dutch, from Seattle. He won the first mini-challenge by painting a stunning image from the contestants’ tour of Los Angeles.

Dutch was followed closely by Gear. He wowed the judges with his amazing depiction of his hometown, Hollywood.

Then, in third place was Felle, who is from Detroit. He took a risk by using a three color pallet in his rendition of MoTown for his hometown challenge. The bold statement paid off as the judges loved it. He will also be moving on in the competition. skin wars

The ten body painter contestants, much like as with other reality TV types of competitions like Big Brother, will live together, work together and one will get eliminated each week. Skin Wars is certain to get its share of the ratings, as artistic talent seems to bring in viewers in droves.

The show picked a perfect hostess, too. Romijn is no stranger to body painting. She was the first woman to be painted for a swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. Also, Romjin was completely painted for her role of Mystique in the X Men movie.

Getting painted is not the easiest form of modeling. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who ultimately took on the role of Mystique and opted out of body painting. She stated that the paint irritated her.

The judges are as well-suited to the series, Skin Wars, as the hostess is. One example is Craig Tracy, who is, and always has been, an artist. He was raised in New Orleans by what he calls hippies. Tracy believes that his home town, as well as how he was raised, were the contributing factors in his rather different perspective on art. He is passionate about body painting and is an exceptionally well-respected expert in this field.

Another of the artistic judges on Skin Wars was Robin Slonina, the owner of Skin City Body Painting. Located in trendy Las Vegas, it is the largest skin and body painting shop in the world. She is talented and respected as an artist and is a perfect addition to the judging panel for Skin Wars.

Last but not least of the panel of esteemed judges was Ru Paul, whose cross-dressing ways sky rocketed him to fame with the release of “Supermodel of the World.” His fame has taken him in many directions since then, including TV and radio shows and a line of cosmetics. Ru Paul certainly rounds out the panel of three judges wonderfully, and his outspoken style keeps the viewers entertained.

By Kristi Cereska

Video clip from Skin Wars “Skin Deep” trailer

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