Technology News: GLV Daily Digest for August 11, 2014

The Technology News Daily Digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 11, 2014 includes stories about the unannounced visit that John McAfee paid to the 2014 Def Con Hacker Conference, the growth of German automaker, Volkswagen and a free trip to Scotland being offered by Time Warner Cable. The Technology News Daily Digest crosses over into the realms of business and politics for a day on Monday, August 11.

You Are Lazy: John McAffee

The August Def Con Hacker Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada received a surprise visit from legendary computing expert, John McAfee. McAfee, founder of his own namesake antivirus empire, implicated massive search engine, Google as one of the major detriments to internet privacy. McAfee pointed the other finger at laziness, saying that consumer laziness and desire for ease has allowed the intrusions that consumers complain of. “We cannot have intrusions into our lives and still have freedom. And freedom is all I have, and it’s all you have, if you think about it,” he said. “I hear people say ‘I don’t care — I’ve got nothing to hide’. It’s not a matter of hiding anything. Here’s the issue: unless you are willing to stand up, to take a stand to do something, then we’re all lost,” McAfee said. The antivirus crusader announced two years ago that he had founded a new company called Future Tense, the goal of which was to circumvent the tactics used by the NSA to track individuals over the internet.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars

German automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen, whose name directly translates to “People’s Car,” is the second largest in the world. With a sales market that spans 153 countries and sales into multi-million numbers, Volkswagen has seen exponential growth since its early beginnings as a product of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The company’s largest sales market is located in China, where it unseated General Motors as the top seller. Volkswagen announced that it had plans to invest $7 billion in the growth of its North American sales market during 2014 – 2018. Volkswagen’s aggressive growth plot aims to make it the largest automobile manufacturer in world by the end of 2018. Much of the company’s plan appears to lie in the release of upcoming vehicles, including the redesign of the popular Volkswagen Golf, which has also been known as the Volkswagen Rabbit.

STARZ Outlander Sweepstakes

Time Warner Cable is offering an all expenses paid vacation to Europe for the winners of a sweepstakes that the company is now holding to promote the new STARZ original series, Outlander. The STARZ Outlander Sweepstakes was announced on Sunday, August 10 gives fans of Time Warner Cable’s Facebook page the opportunity to win a two-person trip from Insight Vacations to Scotland in addition to a free one year subscription to STARZ. Six winners in total will be selected from the entries. One lucky grand-prize winner will receive a free trip for two to Edinburgh, Scotland with a welcome reception and dinner, the Insight Vacations Country Roads of Scotland Journey, $1000 in spending money, and one year subscription to STARZ. The five remaining first prize winners will receive the complete set of Outlander novels, a souvenir poster and a picnic basket.

The Technology News Commentary By Faye Barton

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