Technology News: GLV Daily Digest for August 4, 2014


The Technology News Daily Digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 4, 2014 includes stories about another new update for Windows 8.1 and the possible legal troubles faced by social networking titan, Facebook. Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors takes another step toward an automobile revolution, and social networking household name, Facebook is facing a European lawsuit.

Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8 is likely Microsoft’s least popular operating system since Windows Millenium Edition, which has famously been ranked among the top 10 worst operating systems of all time by PC World in addition to several other big names in tech news. Since the operating system was released in 2012, Microsoft has reported a steady drop in Windows 8 users. The company has since adopted alternate strategies in an attempt to popularize Windows 8. A line of tablets designed to run Windows 8 in tandem with Microsoft Surface attempt to sway the public opinion while fully utilizing all of the capabilities that Windows 8 has to offer. The planned update for Windows 8.1 that was originally dubbed, “Windows 8.1 Update 2” has been renamed simply, “August Update.” The aptly named August update will be available to Windows 8 users on Black Tuesday this August.

Tesla Motors

Purveyor of electric motor vehicles, Tesla Motors has, for better or for worse, been making headlines since the company launched its first line of streamlined cars. From the spontaneously combusting model S, to many more installations of the money-saving charge-stations that Elon Musk, the company’s CEO plans to install nationwide, Tesla Motors is helping to mold the way that American’s will approach their personal transportation in the years to come. Rumor has it that Reno, Nevada will be the site of the newest Tesla factory, moving the ambitious fledgling company a step towards its planned expansion.

Facebook’s Impending Lawsuit

A lawsuit against Facebook has been filed in Austria. It has attracted over 11,500 additional complainants who have tacked their names onto the legal dilemma. The supposed reason for the lawsuit is centered on Facebook’s much-disputed and ever-changing privacy policy. The current official total of the claim has reached an approximate $7.7 million in U.S. currency, or €5.7 million. Europe-v-Facebook, one of the groups involved is attempting to win €500 for each individual participating in it’s suit.

Google Identifies a Child Pornographer

A man in possession of child pornography has been identified thanks to the due diligence of Google. The offending images were spotted in the man’s email. While the act of email monitoring has been common knowledge, the discovery and subsequent arrest are reigniting the embers of a long-burning privacy concern even among law-abiding citizens. The suspect was identified as John Henry Skillern, 41-year-old a resident of Houston, Texas, and convicted sex offender. Skillern’s previous charges were of aggravated sexual assault against an 8-year-old boy. While the discussion of Google privacy in the highly popular Gmail service will ramp up, the fact that a child pornographer has been taken off the streets may play a strong argument for the invasion into users emails.

The Technology News Commentary By Faye Barton

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