Texting and the Scams Everyone Needs to Know About


Everyone is texting and scams are everywhere these days, and these are ones everyone needs to know about. The first one is geared towards men, and has been called very disturbing indeed, by those involved. Guys should be aware that should they receive a text stating “Baby I’m pregnant, and its yours” that this is someone’s idea of a joke. Many a man has responded to these texts, even knowing that they did not recognize the phone number in the first place. It is not funny when it happens, however, some of the responses to these texts are indeed funny and amusing to those who know it is a prank, and that is why it continues to be one of today’s biggest text scams.


The person in the pictured text, responds immediately with a name and puts himself in to this prank without really thinking, adding fuel to the fire. Imagine the person pulling the prank, and what kind of twisted sense of humor they must have.

This next text shows just the kind of person a lot of women have dealt with, and that is the cheater. It should be obvious that the man receiving the message has been cheating on his girlfriend, and believes he is about to be found out. It makes it hard to determine if one should feel bad for the guy, or believe he has gotten just what he deserves.

The torture continues not only with the photo of the positive pregnancy test photo, but also with the question of “Are you going to help me raise it? The more the victims respond, the more delight the scammer takes out of adding to their misery. Questions of what to name the baby, and baiting the cheaters by asking if they want to name the child after their girlfriend, should have made the miserable male a bit suspicious, however, many of these texts go on and on.

textingThe texting only comes to an end when the texter lets the victim know that it was all a joke, and then berates the guy for being a cheater and laughs at any torture or humiliation suffered by the victim during the scam. Many will find it hard to imagine what kind of person or persons would take delight out of using something so personal as being pregnant to torture unsuspecting men. Perhaps the reason is simply that the people doing this are women that have been cheated on, and this is their way of getting back at the entire male race.

The next newest texting scam, is geared towards anyone and everyone, and it starts with a text stating that the vacation package that was ordered is now ready and available. Once the recipient responds to this message, which is generally coming from the Bahamas, it seems to give some type of automatic permissions for the texter to start billing the unfortunate individual that may have responded out of curiosity. These texts can get quite expensive, and they will charge by the minute. In today’s world of technology where texting has replaced actual human interaction, the criminal realm has a whole new way to try extracting money from those who do not know any better.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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