The Big Bang Theory Cast Start Filming After Million Dollar Contract Signed

The Big Bang Theory

The cast of The Big Bang Theory can finally start filming after their million dollar contracts have been signed. Problems occurred shortly before the start of filming, as it became clear that the five main stars, who have been on the show from the beginning, wanted large raises. The main three, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, wanted to see their per episode salary raise from $350,000 to $1 million.

While many argued that the cast were being selfish wanting so much, creator of the show Chuck Lorre agreed that they deserved high raises. They have made the characters their own and kept viewers entertained.

The three main cases were not the only ones to get raises. Kunnal Nayur and Simon Helberg have reportedly gained new six-figure salaries, while Melissa Rausch and Mayim Bialik has possibly seen an increase to $60,000 per episode. The two women play Bernadette and Amy respectively, and have not been on The Big Bang Theory as long as the five main cast members.

During contract negotiations, filming could not happen. There were some concerns at the start of the month that it would mean the episodes would not be complete in time for the due date for the start of the eighth season. Many will be happy to hear that the cast of The Big Bang Theory can start filming season eight now that their million dollar contracts have been signed.

Questions now surround the storylines. Recently, Lorre announced that Penny, played by Cuoco, will get a new job as a pharmaceutical rep. However, that is the only storyline he has shared. People want to know whether Sheldon, played by Parsons, will actually get on the train and leave Pasadena. There were rumors that Parsons was leaving the show, and that the end of the seventh season was the perfect set up for that. However, the rumors were started by a satire site and were completely fabricated.

According to TV Line, Sheldon definitely boarded the train. Now there are people wondering just what he got up to while on the train, and what will bring him back to Pasadena. The end of season eight brought some major changes; changes that Sheldon struggled to deal with.

The amount that the cast members are receiving for each episode has not been officially released. Warner Brothers refuses to comment, but reports state that the main three received their requested $1 million per episode salary. If that is the case, they will join the ranks of the Friends cast members, who all received $1 million per episode during the 10th season.

There is little time to get the first few episodes filmed and ready for release. The season starts on September 22, and Lorre has admitted that some of the storylines have not been finalized and written yet. The creator was never worried, though, knowing that the network has dealt with negotiations like this in the past. At least now The Big Bang Theory cast can start filming season eight after their million dollar contracts have been signed.

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