The Bridge Lamia: Death Comes Calling in the Dark (Recap/Review)

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The Bridge Lamia: Death Comes Calling in the Dark (Recap/Review)

On The Bridge: Lamia, death comes calling in the dark as things begin to escalate and all roads seem to lead to either Fausto, or Captain Robles. At the beginning of the episode, Daniel Frye is partying with cocaine and a source named Gary. Adriana stops the proceedings after she got worried about Daniel’s safety.

After getting reassurances that the information Frye needed from the Secretary of State is still forthcoming, Adriana forces her co-worker to come with her and away from the apartment of drugs.

Marco Ruiz testifies in a hearing about the two Juarez police officers that he killed in the dead prosecutor’s hotel room. The detective leaves Sonya out of his account and the three justices who are running the hearing accept Marco’s version of events.

Afterward, Captain Robles calls Ruiz a hero and tells the detective that he will be getting a commendation. The captain goes on to make a veiled threat against Sonya Cross and Marco responds by telling his boss that if either his partner or Eva are approached he will send the murdered prosecutor’s evidence to Mexico City.

Daniel wakes Adriana and Lucy in their apartment the morning after she brought him home. He goes on to show his coworker all the information that he collected during his coke-fuelled party. Sonya goes to check on Marco. She accepts that Ruiz had to lie in order to keep her name out of the two policemen’s death, but she does not like that Marco kept Eva’s statement.

Daniel and Adriana learn that Grupo Clio are dirty while Sonya meets Jack Dobbs out at the burial site under the water tower. Dobbs reveals to her that his brother used his drawings as a map to the body of the girl, Bridget Rowland, who he murdered before killing Sonya’s sister.

She calls it in and as the authorities are collecting the remains, Hank shows up and attacks Dobbs. After the two men are pulled apart, Jack then accuses Wade of lying about his brother having a gun when Hank tried to kill him. Wade tells Sonya that Dobbs is lying.

Cross’s relationships start to crumble in The Bridge: Lamia and before death, via the mechanizations of Eleanor Nacht, comes calling in the dark more crumbling is taking place with Fausto. Marco comes to see the cartel leader and he is acting oddly. At the end of their short meeting, Fausto asks Ruiz if he has been to Norway and then, oddly, says goodbye to the detective.

Daniel and Adriana go to the housing development in the desert to ask questions and they speak to Ray Burton who vanishes when Adriana states they are the press. Their investigating and disclosure that they have connected the subdivision to cartel money puts them both in danger as both Ray and Charlotte go to lawyer Monte P. Flagman for help. Monte takes them to see Eleanor.

The decidedly terrifying Eleanor Nacht is due to be very busy as she has not only Adriana and Daniel on her “list” of things to take care up, but also Sonya and Lieutenant Hank Wade. Sonya’s boss may be difficult to kill as he is turning himself into the District Attorney after telling Cross that Dobbs’ accusation was true.

Before the end of the show, Adriana’s lover Lucy is stabbed by an assailant in the dark of her apartment. The knitting partner of the news reporter manages to dispatch her attacker by stabbing him with one of her knitting needles. Death has come calling and claimed the wrong person in The Bridge:Lamia as Nacht begins working her way through the list. Franka Potente is impressively scary as the almost emotionless killer for Fausto and her appearance in The Bridge will definitely mean that more character’s are going to die.

By Michael Smith



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