The Hershey Company Making Changes

The Hershey Company
After 120 years on the market, the Hershey Company is making some changes. A business that was once known strictly for their chocolate bars, Hershey has become a global confectionery icon. With offerings that include not only the traditional chocolates, but also mints, hard candies and other delicious treats, it is time for a change. In keeping with this broader focus away from being strictly a chocolatier, the company has unveiled a brand new logo.

The new corporate logo takes the traditional Hershey’s name with a silver wrapped kiss and refreshes the picture. Now, the new logo says “Hershey” with an unwrapped chocolate kiss which also gets a slightly reshaped figure. While this may not seem like much of a change, the company is hoping that the image gives it a more modern feel from the old design.

The design itself gives a slightly updated look to the classic Hershey kiss, as well as offering a more streamlined look that can work with all of the brands under the Hershey banner. Hershey hopes that this new logo design will allow them to stay true to the company beginnings while still being contemporary with a fresh feel. The traditional colors of the corporation’s primary iconic brands will lend a more uniformed look across the entire line of products. The changes are all about making a logo that unifies the entire corporate brand.

With the refreshing of the business logo, the Hershey Company is also making other changes across the board. The company is looking to make their visual identity more consistent across product lines. These changes will include a more vibrant design that incorporates other recognizable merchandise, such as their Reese’s line, that will also be seen on their corporate website. Even the corporate offices and stores will be getting a makeover when it comes to color to keep with the idea of a fresh facelift and a consistent design.

Although this new branding for the company may not seem like a major change it actually allows the company to stay true to their beginnings while also showing their commitment to progress and growth. As with any change there are some who find fault with the new depiction of the chocolate kiss. With some people reacting negatively to the new design, the company itself sees no problem with the new look as they move forward in their attempts to take on larger update of their brand.

The new logo design will be found on the backs of the product packaging where the current design can typically be found. Though the overhaul of the brand’s image is on a grand scale, it is in fact a small change on the back of a wrapper. It is the other changes that the company has planned that make this a major development for the Hershey Company. The changes are all about giving their brand a stronger visual impact with a more consistent identity.

What should be a simple logo change for a major company is actually a bigger realignment for Hershey. In order to stay current to the times, the Hershey Company has had to make some overall changes to their entire image. After 120 years in business, now is the perfect time for the company to offer some sweet changes. A new logo, some fresh colors and a new look for their stores showcase that Hershey knows what its doing.

By Kimberley Spinney

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