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The Singles Project

The Singles Project is a new type of dating show which will premiere on the Bravo Media network Tuesday, August 12, at 10:00 p.m. ET and 9:00 CT. It is a docu-series that is about a group of young and successful singles in New York, searching for love and striving to conquer life in the Big Apple. In the first ever real-time dating docu-series in the U.S., viewers get to supply their input and assist the singles in getting over their hang-ups, like getting over an ex, setting their expectations impossibly high or expanding their dating horizons. Each episode of The Singles Project will be shot and aired within the same week.

Fans will find The Singles Project to be addictive. Viewers will get to interact with the cast and effect the outcome of the show and how the dates go through social media. Some of the choices that fans will have an impact on are deciding what outfits the singles should wear on hot dates and even submitting potential matches for the singles to consider. Fans can get involved through using the show’s official hashtag, #TheSinglesProject

The six singles that The Singles Project will focus on are Kerry Cassidy, Dr. Lee Gause, Joey Healy, Dr. Tabasum Mir, Ericka Pittman and Brian Trunzo. These six individuals in search of love are willing to put their dating lives, at least, in part, into the hands of America’s viewers, for the better or the worse.

Kerry Cassidy is an art consultant by day, who is a gal-about-town at night. She is equally at home walking the red carpets of all of Manhattan’s hotspots and at the polo grounds of the Hamptons. In L.A, Kerry studied Bikram yoga and spent much of the rest of her time building up a career as an art consultant. Now, Cassidy is back in New York and is doing better than ever. She has an impeccable sense of style and a quick wit, which, along with her beauty, turn heads wherever she goes. One day, Kerry would like to have a marriage that is as happy and long-lasting as that of her parents, which has lasted for 30 years thus far. While meeting men has been no problem for this intelligent and successful single, she has not yet found a man who can live up to her high expectations.

Dr. Lee Gause is a dentist to the stars. His clients include athletes, rappers and models. There are many dentists in his family, but Dr. Gause is one of the best and flashiest in New York. He is passionate about collecting art and he often attends auctions looking for the latest acquistion to his burgeoning collection. He also enjoys raising money for his charity, dedicated to provide free dental care for underprivileged youth. Having experienced heartbreak when a five-year-long relationship with a beautiful and intelligent lawyer ended, he has decided to keep things casual with the women he meets until he finds the woman he would like to be his wife. His dream girl needs to fit in and be comfortable in the same sorts of settings that Dr. Gause often finds himself in, from artside galleries to courtside seats at sporting events.

The Singles Project

Joey Healy is an artist, of sorts. He perfects eyebrows all across New York City. Healy is on speed dial for his clients, who are among the Big Apple’s most chic and trendy jetsetters. His work on the eyebrows of his sophisticated clientele has made him a media darling. Healy has taken his business to the next level with his line of specialty grooming tools, The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection. With his business taking off, Joey Healy is ready to end his five years of being single. He would now like to meet the man of his dreams. Healy would like to have a relationship with someone who can keep up with his busy schedule and often odd hours. He would like to meet a guy who is exotic and successful, his “Jay-Z” as he puts it, to his “Beyoncé.”

Dr. Tabasum Mir is a brilliant doctor who enrolled in high school in Michigan when she was just 12. She is a highly successful cosmetic dermatologist whose work can be seen on the faces of numerous socialites and celebrities in New York. This graduate of NYU is now busy at work expanding her own Mirskin skin care line. She is also heavily involved with charities, participating with several, including Operation Smile and Charity: Water. She believes that men who “need to be needed” find her intimidating. While she has enjoyed dating male models, she has found that they are often lacking in substance. Dr. Mir would like to meet a man who is tall, with great bone structure and a Nordic look. The man she has in mind also needs to be funny, sarcastic, secure, well read and ready to settle down.

Ericka Pittman is the fifth of the singles who are taking part in the Bravo Media netowrk’s new series, The Singles Project. She has worked extensively in the publishing industry and has traveled the globe. Pittman has worked for magazines such as Glamour and Vibe. Currently, she is the VP of The Blue Flame Agency, which is owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs. Her job involves overseeing product development. She thinks of herself as being a “Brooklyn Barbie.” Pittman, when she is not working, enjoys the access she has to the hottest events from East Hampton to Lake Como. Amidst adversity, she has managed to navigate a path to success. she also likes to give back and she values the time she spends volunteering for the non-profit organization “Dress for Success.” She also mentors inner-city youths. Erika feels she has spent too much time focusing on the work side of her life, instead of the play side. She would like a guy in her life who will give her the balance she needs and who understands that her work will often keep her away from him for periods of time. She would like to be in a relationship with a guy who is kind, confident, patient, smart and witty.

The sixth single who will be involved with The Singles Project is Brian Trunzo. Brian is a man who believes that it is possible to “reinvent” oneself. He has transformed himself twice. He went from dressing in plush track suits and thick gold chains like a “Staten Island Guido,”  as he puts it, into becoming a successful corporate lawyer. Then, when he could not ignore his strong interest in fashion any longer, Trunzo began writing a blog in which he mocked menswear. He eventually walked away from his successful life as a lawyer and he opened up a renowned menswear store in SoHo, Carson Street Clothiers. Brian likes women who exude confidence and who are edgy and understand the long hours and hard work it takes to run a business. He would like to break the bad habit he has had of falling for women who are dramatic and who need to be “saved.” Brian would like to find a woman he can travel the world with.

The Singles Project, produced by AllMedia America, Goodbye Pictures and Lime Pictures, will focus on the dating lives of these six successful New York singles in a docu-series which invites and encourages viewers and fans across America to participate in finding the perfect matches for them. The Singles Project looks like it will be a sure-fire hit for the Bravo Media network.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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