Incest by Accident

Incest by Accident

Incest by accident can happen. Incest by thought and circumstance can be a kaleidoscope of emotions, feelings and guilt that can also occur in rare situations. The sexual act between siblings or near relatives is generally frowned upon and banned around the world, but every now and then it becomes something to talk about and question.

Recently, a couple about to be married in South Africa introduced their parents to each other, which resulted in facts that had long been hidden. The couple, expecting their first child, were all set to be married when the parents of each partner revealed some truths. It turns out that the bride and groom-to-be were actually brother and sister. Through a series of events and circumstances they did not know while growing up, their own parents confessed to secrets that made a difference. The soon to be wedded couple simply ended their love affair, despite their feelings and proceeded alone without their lover.

Sad cases of finding out the truth of heritage have prevented or annulled otherwise happy unions. In the interest of upholding laws and rules, some lovers have forsaken their vows in the name of doing the right thing. Even out of their own control of how they met, some couples have engaged in incest by accident, not knowing their own birth parents or history.

The charisma that draws a couple together can create a kaleidoscope of mutual similarities and looks. Often attracted to each other because of like feelings, some couples have discovered truths beyond their comprehension and willingness to continue their relationship.

Consanguinity is much more than liking the same things and being compatible. It can involve hereditary traits and common blood. Marrying a cousin or having sexual relations with a relative is generally a criminal offense and mostly banned around the world. Exceptions and allowances do occur for incest by accident, but for the most part, it has been deemed crude and offensive.

More than a natural attraction, love affairs involving incest are considered weird and unaccepted. Having children out of these unions can result in genetic malfunctions and mutations. It becomes a stance of safe marriage and parenting when couples of close relation decide to form a union and produce offspring.

Throughout history, even going back to Biblical days, the gene pool was much more pure. As time went on and inter-marriage occurred more often, the quest for a lover of a different nation was desired and commanded. For a time, Egyptian royals were regularly paired with existing cousins and siblings to produce a legacy of utopian individuals. The outcome in the long run did not produce the desired effect as first planned. Beautiful children were born, but with shortcomings of connections too close.

Some countries test for incest possibilities before marriage, but other countries still embrace or ignore the love interests of newly engaged couples. France, Argentina, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Turkey and Brazil may consider couples to get married even though their background could reveal an incest by accident.

Citing recent love affairs, a Brazilian couple who had wanted to get married found out that they shared the same mother. Each being abandoned at birth, they lived their own lives in different families until they met, fell in love and became a couple many years later. Upon learning the news from Radio Globo’s program The Time is Now, that specializes in reuniting families, the couple was a bit shaken but happy to stay together and content. Since learning the news that they were actually sister and brother, the shock has worn off into a united front of committed love.

Not all goes the same with some strange unions as people find out the truth. Even twins separated at birth discount their relationship of kindred spirits when it comes to love and have gone their separate ways upon learning the truth of their birth.

Incest is taboo in most countries around the world, but does still occur by accident through artificial insemination and adoption. Finding a long lost loved one can be magical. Many are routinely reunited and fall in love, just by the simple facts of genetic sexual attraction.

Incest by AccidentLove can find a way and in most cases it happens when it is meant to be. Inbreeding of life genes is a whole other story. Some people of the U.S. Appalachia who live in remote areas, only sometimes meet their own relatives to fall in love with. The Kentucky Blue people have propagated into their own, complete with blue skin that is native to their inter marriage. Lacking oxygen and promoting a bluish glow, the blue people of an area in Kentucky are unique.

Incest by accident can happen, but more often than not it occurs through unrevealed facts and information. Promoting a stance with incest is an offense and can be punishable through law, as one cartoonist found out recently in Kendal, Cumbria, England. Andrew Smith’s images of Bart and Lisa Simpson having sex were confiscated and alarming. Smith, the alleged suspect claimed that incest was simply an enjoyment of sex in a loving family relationship and needed the images as research for a book.

It is apparently so that countries and states around the world have different views on the subject of incest, even by accident. Incest has happened in the ancient world and can still occur by accident in the modern world by choice or by chance. Kissing cousins still may have the most in common when it comes to the family tree.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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