Tonight Show: Jeff Bridges Magical With Jimmy Fallon and in The Giver

Tonight Show

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, his guests will include actor Jeff Bridges, who stars in The Giver as a magical man who collects memories. His second guest will be actress Ali Larter, who will be starring in the upcoming TV series Legends. Comedian Andy Woodhull will also be performing. It is Friday, which means that Fallon’s “Thank You Notes” segment will be featured. The comedy bit is a fan favorite.

Jimmy Fallon began his monologue by welcoming his audience and doing a cool impromptu dance. He talked about “CNN is being sued after one of its correspondents got drunk and bit two paramedics. The good news is that CNN finally has a bit of news worth talking about.”

He then joked about “A Timex watch that will do speed and distance, but they forgot to do the time part of it.” He did a very wild and crazy dance all across the stage.

“More Tech news here,” Jimmy Fallon said. “Microsoft is opening up a store next to the iconic Apple Store. Now, it will be easier than ever for grandparents to buy grandkids the wrong gift.”

He then mentioned a truck full of butter that spilled everywhere Biden said “Talk about a ‘margarine of error.'”

He stated that “Researchers have found that laughter can boost the immune system. Let’s all have 30 seconds of laughing.” The camera focused on strange-looking people planted in the audience, who were laughing. Then, the camera went to Fallon, who had a very serious expression on his face.

“I just saw this on CBS this morning about a photograph of Chrissie Teigen. One of the male announcers said ‘I have some grass that needs to be mowed.'” Teigen was outside, in the photo, with a lawnmower.

“Truck update–I said I need some songs to sing in my truck. Right now, it’s the theme to ‘Family Ties.” We got hundreds of thousands of tweets, and on Monday, we will release the top 15 that you can download. We have Jeff Bridges tonight, from The Giver, Ali Larter from Legends, and comedian Andy Woodhull.”

Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly “Thank You Notes” bit. “Thank you, Bruce Jenner’s new mullet, for showing us what Donald Trump probably looks like early in the morning.”

“Thank you, The Expendables III, for being leaked online. Though the cast of Expendables III has probably been dealing with ‘leaks’ for years.”

“Thank you, Scrabble, for adding words like selfie, bromance, and buzzkill to your dictionary. Basically, you’re trying to give stupid people a chance of winning.”

“Thank you, high chairs, or as I call them, baby desks.”

Jimmy Fallon introduced Jeff Bridges, whose latest film The Giver will be in theaters August 15.

Bridges said that “In about a week, I’m going on tour with the band. You say you’re looking for truck music? Have I got the CD for you!”

“This is it! I’m never going back! It’s trucks for me all the way now!” Fallon told Jeff. “Fall is coming, and I want to get some pumpkins. Pumpkins in the back, me in the front. It’s blue on the top and khaki on the bottom; it looks like it works at ‘Best Buys.'”

Jeff Bridges suggest that Fallon call his truck Bernaise. Fallon says he likes that name and wants to call the truck that.

Fallon then showed a clip of Bridges throwing out the very first pitch at a Dodgers game. Bridges actually did not throw the ball, but deliberately rolled it, bocce ball style.

There was a question on Reddit that Fallon mentioned to Bridges: “Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?”

Jeff Bridges answered he “would rather fight the horse-sized duck, because it would be a duck.” He said that he pictured the hundred horses as “being angry.”

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from break, he asked how long The Giver had been in the works to be made into a movie.

“Eighteen years,” Bridges said. He said that he originally wanted his dad to be in the movie. He related that he actually made the movie using his father, videotaping him and using home movies.

For the version that will be in theaters on August 15, as he got older and more grizzled-looking, Jeff Bridges got the role he had envisioned would be perfect for his father, Lloyd. Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift are also both in the movie. Fallon called Swift’s performance “unbelievable,” and “amazing.’ Katie Holmes is also in it.

The Giver,” Jeff said, “is based on this community in the future where everything appears to be perfect. There’s the rub. That’s all that I’m going to say.”

According to Jimmy Fallon, Bridges plays a man who “collects memories.” It is his job to pass on memories to the next generation. Then, Fallon showed a clip from the SF movie. Jeff Bridges was AMAZING, though the clip was short. There is a longer, possibly even MORE AMAZING, video trailer from The Giver below — check it out!

Tonight Show

Back from another commercial break, Ali Larter was the next guest. She has starred in Heroes and Varsity Blues. The TV series Legends will be her new series. She will be a covert spy. She said she will be wearing sunglasses, scarves, anything to distract people from realizing that she is pregnant. The last time she was on was three years ago and she was pregnant. She announced that now, #2 was on the way.

Ali said that her son loved swimming. Then, she showed him her cookbook. Jimmy leafed through it until he found a photo of her son, Teddy, which he showed to the audience. The book is called Kitchen Revelry.

She plays an undercover agent in Legends. They interweave current events into each episode and viewers get to see when they make mistakes and crumble under the pressure. “It’s really riveting,” Larter said.  Tonight Show

Jimmy announced that Andy Woodhull will be on next, after yet more commercials. He is a pretty funny guy, so he will probably be a great way to close out this Friday night episode of the Tonight Show.

After the break, Jimmy Fallon said that Andy Woodhull will be making his television debut tonight.

Andy Woodhull said “I just became a father. The kids are 10 and 12. Sometimes I feel like I just got married to a woman who has two children from a previous marriage.”

“You want to see if your boyfriend is ready to marry you?” he continued. “Have her kids give you lice. I’d rather have an STD than lice. At least, that’s something adults get. I had to call my friend. I asked him to come on over, and comb my hair. Maybe pick through it with a #2 pencil, and then shampoo me. How many of you can say that a friend of yours came over and did that for you? I found out I don’t have one, either. I have zero friends.”

Andy Woodhull KILLED tonight — he was pretty hilarious. He said that his wife did not like it that he had brought over to her house dishes a girlfriend had given him. He said “You have two girls.” That probably went over well with his wife….

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon rocked out! It was a fantastic Friday night show. Jeff Bridges, who was excellent in the movie Iron Man, looks like he will also be extremely good in The Giver. Also, Ali Larter’s upcoming TV series, Legends, in which she plays a spy, should be a captivating series. Andy Woodhull did a terrific routine and it will probably just be the start of a long and successful career as a comedian.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Giver Official Trailer #2 Watch It!

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