Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Plays Beer Pong With Nina Dobrev [Recap & Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC, Jimmy’s guests will be actor Clive Owen (The Knick) and actress Nina Dobrev (Let’s Be Cops), who will play Giant Beer Pong with Fallon later in the show. The band The Head & The Heart will be tonight’s musical guests. Whenever Jimmy plays a game with one of his guests, it usually makes for a fun episode, with the video of the game often going viral.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC began with Fallon’s monologue. He got a standing ovation from the audience, as usual.

“Big celebrity gossip. It’s rumored that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have ended their feud after 10 years. That’s mostly because they don’t know how to spell ‘feud’ or what ‘feud’ means,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“Syracuse University has been named the top party school in this country! It’s no surprise when you see their mascot,” Fallon quipped, showing a video of Rob Ford dressed in an orange Denver jersey.

Another of his jokes was about the Scrabble Dictionary having added several new words. He said “The Scrabble Dictionary added the word ‘buzzkill,’ as in whoever plays Scrabble using a Scrabble Dictionary is a ‘buzzkill.'”

“A local news station was at a county fair. Apparently, this kid was so cute,” Fallon said. The kid talked about his experiences, using the word “apparently” quite a lot as he described his fun time there.

Jimmy concluded his monologue by saying “New York’s Museum of Natural History had its first sleep-over for adults. Or, as kids say, ‘going to a museum.'”

“Clive Owen has a new show on Cinemax called The Knick. Plus, she’s great in The Vampire Diaries — Nina Dobrev is coming out. Nina and I will be playing ‘Giant Beer Pong,’ later in the show,” he said.

Jimmy then did a bit about the “Pros & Cons of Spending Summer Camp in North Korea.” A couple of the Pros & Cons were: “Pro: Getting excited that it’s ‘Sloppy Joe’ night. Con: Realizing that you haven’t seen your bunk mate ‘Joe’ for a few nights,” and “Pro: all you need is a sense of adventure. Con: Having parents who hate you.”

He introduced his first guest, Clive Owen. Clive acted in his first episodes of The Knick during the brutal Polar Vortex of last winter.

Jimmy mentioned that one of Clive’s buddies tweeted that Clive was “afraid of badgers.” All of the media then began asking him about his fear of badgers, which he does not actually have, at all.

Clive relates a story about a friend of his who supposedly buys women’s trousers, thinking that they looked nice on him. Owen then had a lady friend of his say to the guy: “Oh, I like your pants! My God, I have those pants!”

Then, Jimmy Fallon tells Clive about a horse he bought, that was already named. The horse was called “Poco Bueno, which means ‘a little bit good,'” Fallon said. “Why couldn’t I get a horse with a name that means ‘a whole lot good?'” he wondered.

Talking about The Knick, Owen said “Steven Soderbergh directed all ten shows. The series is set in 1900s New York. It’s about a genius doctor who smokes opium in the evenings.”

Continuing, Clive said: “The reason that they wore gloves in the Operating Room was because the carbolic acid that they put their instruments in hurt their hands,” Clive said.

Then, they showed a clip from the series which will premiere Friday at 10:00 p.m., according to Jimmy Fallon. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to another commercial break.

Back from the break, Jimmy introduced Nina Dobrev. Besides being in The Vampire Diaries, she will be starring in Let’s Play Cops. “You’re living the ‘year of Yes,'” Fallon said.

“Yes,” Nina answered. She will be saying “yes” to almost everything for an entire year — “in moderation,” she quickly added.

Dobrev talked about going to Europe. Jimmy said “You never listen to Uncle Jimmy, about the dangerous animals in Australia.”

“Actually, I went to Bali last time,” Dobrev said. She got badly bitten by a monkey. A photo Fallon held up showed her hand and some of her arm, wrapped up in an Ace Bandage. She said that people made vampire/monkey jokes about her, saying things like “Oh, now you’re going to become a monkey, girl!”

“Now, I have no feeling in my thumb I can move it, obviously, but I have no feeling in it. You could caress my thumb, and I’d have no idea that you were,” she said.

Let’s Be Cops,” Fallon says, “is a comedy about two guys who decide to pretend that they are cops.”

He showed a video clip from the movie. Dobrev patted Jimmy Fallon on his shoulder first, and he joked “It’s numb. I have no feeling in my shoulder.”

The movie will star Damon Wayans and Jake Johnson as well as Nina Dobrev. The video clip was short, but it made it look like the movie will probably be a pretty funny one. Below is a clip from the movie, though not the one showed in tonight’s episode.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon and Nina Dobrev played Giant Beer Pong. If one of them managed to bounce a ball into a giant red solo cup, the other would have to drink from a regular red solo cup. Fallon made a shot, and Nina was the first one to have to chug beer. A bit later, Fallon made another shot, and Nina had to drink again. Finally, she made a shot and Fallon had to chug.

Jimmy missed, but Nina got another ball into a cup, making Jimmy drink again. Nina got another ball into a cup first, for the win, forcing Jimmy Fallon to chug a final time. She beat him at his very own game!

After yet another commercial break, The Head & The Heart played to conclude The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon said “They re in the middle of a tour to promote their latest album, Let’s Be Still. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome The Head & The Heart.” They then sang the song Let’s Be Still off of their latest album of the same name.

The indie folk band from Seattle, Washington, The Head & The Heart, sounded really cool. They were formed in 2009. The lead singer, Josiah Johnson, wore a hat as he played the guitar and sang. The group is gaining more and more in popularity. Tonight’s performance should help them get even better known.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was another terrific one, following the 100th episode that Jimmy Fallon has hosted, just last night. Especially humorous was the comedic bit where Jimmy Fallon played Giant Beer Pong with actress Nina Dobrev of Let’s Play Cops. Clive Owen was also great. His show, The Knick, about a genius doctor during the 1900s, should be an interesting and entertaining one to watch. The Head & The Heart, in the middle of a highly successful tour, stopped by to perform their latest release, Let’s Be Still. Ready for a game of Giant Beer Pong, anyone?

Written By Douglas Cobb

Let’s Play Cops Official Video Trailer #1

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