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Orlando Bloom is supposedly not a part of the Bieber believer fan club, and does not plan to be in the very near, or distant, future. According to reports, “The Biebs” and Bloom came to confrontation in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, where the Pirates of the Caribbean star took a swing at the young pop star. No one is quite sure what started the quarrel between the two, but rumor has it that it may be linked to Justin being quite the persistent flirt at a Victoria Secret Fashion Show with Bloom’s then wife in 2012, Miranda Kerr. Contrasting statements say that Bieber attempted to shake Bloom’s hand upon meeting face to face, where Orlando refused, then proceeded to take aim at Justin. Other witnesses say that Justin greeted Bloom with a ” I had sex with your wife” claim, after in which Bloom swung on the young man. “Beliebers” need not to worry though; Bieber ducked the punch, and proceeded to scream out “What’s up b****?” as the two were being separated. Stars such as Leonardo Di’Caprio and Lindsey Lohan were also in attendance at the same club. Di’Caprio was said to have been sitting at Orlando’s table when the first instance occurred between the two.

A UFC Hall of Fame fighter was one of the many to voice their own opinion about the scuffle between the two stars. Former light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin was quite critical of Bloom’s attempted punch, where many took the more humorous approach when taking on this subject. Griffin was not impressed with Bloom, and offered to train the movie actor for his next run in with Mr. Bieber. Whether or not it is free of charge would still be in discussion, but it sounds like Griffin may not run any of the 20-year-old’s fan clubs at this very moment. Bloom cannot walk into this with a blind eye if he were to accept Griffin’s offer on some mixed martial arts techniques, as Justin has one of the best boxers this decade in his corner, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The former light heavyweight champion is not even sure he could out-coach “Money” Mayweather, as he refers to the undefeated boxer as a “monster.”

After the two mega stars exchanged pleasantries, the “bigger” man decided to expose his foe on social media. Justin took it upon himself to post a picture of Orlando Bloom crying on his Instagram. Also, just hours after the ruckus, the 20-year-old posted a picture of Orlando’s ex-wife on Instagram, then quickly deleting it. The antics continue to draw a negative audience for the troubled star. The arrests, Lamborghini races, and the most recognizable egging in history have cost him quite the pretty penny. While “Beliebers” will always support their flashy prince, do not count on Orlando Bloom jumping on the Bieber bandwagon anytime soon, but jumping into a cage or ring could be possible, if the pop star ever so chooses.

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