NASA Search for Aliens Futile: They Do Not Exist, Ken Ham Says


NASA should be stopped in their search for aliens, because it is futile and they do not exist, says Ken Ham, the president and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. In a July 20 blog post, Ham states that NASA’s search is futile because aliens could not exist within the framework of the Bible. In his post, he expresses shock at the money being spent on what he considers a desperate attempt to defy God.

In his post, Ham denounces the head of NASA, Charles Borden, who believes that humans cannot be alone in a universe that is at least 13 billion light years across. Borden has expressed the view  that in 20 years, life will probably be found. Like Ellie Arroway, Jodie Foster’s character in the 1997 movie Contact said, an empty universe seems like an awful waste of space. When studying ecosystems and how species interact with each other, it is clear that nature is economical and efficient. Ham goes on to say the search for extraterrestrial life is driven by scientists desperately trying to prove evolution, because they are in rebellion against God.

Ham’s article can be simply summed up by this statement he makes: “And he (God) told us what life’s purpose is for: ‘Fear God and keep His commandments.’” He is focused on keeping Christians in line with dogma and rhetoric, which is a twisted form of logic and in the same vein of error that he accuses secular scientists of.

Life is a rich, painful, yet fulfilling journey. The sheer magnitude of the idea that 7  billion people on one small world are being sustained by a 10 million degree ball of gas traveling millions of miles per day is a miracle in itself. Adding  in the fact that this ball of gas is traveling through space around even more fiery balls of gas is a triumphant testament to the creativity, intelligence and synchronicity of God. Ham needs to relax and stop dealing with absolutes. There is room for evolution biblically. The first chapter of Genesis clearly states that in the beginning God created “the heavens and the earth.” This would allude to the idea that Heaven is not just a place locked in some inaccessible dimension, but it exists somewhere out in the universe and not only that–there is more than one heaven. NASA’s search for aliens is not futile because of Ken Ham’s closed minded statement that aliens do not exist.

Like scientists, Christians grow in their relationship with God by trial and error, hypothesis and testing. Evolution merges somewhat within the story of creation, when looked at properly. Evolutionists state life began in the seas, with animals climbing out onto dry land just as the Bible says in Genesis 1:19-21. The verses discuss how God made life emerge from the sea. Ham believes the earth is only 6,000 years old, an idea that comes from a member of the Anglican Church clergy, Dr. John Lightfoot, who in the 17th century used biblical lineage to deduce the date of Earth’s creation beginning on October 23, 4004 B.C. at 9 am.  It is good to know God goes to work on time.

Ham states that there cannot be aliens, because they would have been affected by Adam’s sin and unable to receive eternal life, because Jesus only died for humans, not aliens. How can they be affected by the sin of a race of people they do no belong to? If Adam’s sin affected the whole universe, then all extraterrestrial life should be able to rely on Christ’s sacrifice. Ham discusses the earth being “specifically created and unique and the focus of God’s attention” but leaves little room to discuss how that could be true even in a universe full of life.

Both secular scientists and Ham are in a blind pursuit to rigidly make sense of their existence. Scientists use logic and concrete evidence, and Christians cling desperately to a book they do not even have the courage to truly understand. Ham, although misguided, should be respected for even addressing the matter, and not ridiculed, because the truth is nothing is what it seems. Mankind will never have all the answers, and if they did, God probably would not like it because God loves a good surprise. NASA searching for aliens demonstrates hope, and their search for alien life is not futile just because Ham says they do not exist. The truth is, neither Ham nor NASA has all the answers, but the time has come to bridge the gap.

Opinion by Adrianne Hill


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  1. shan   February 19, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Im doing a history research paper on European leader and this source was incredibly helpful. Found the part about Tsar Alexander especially interesting!

  2. Brett rush   September 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm

    Overly Christian people annoy me, how they say science is wrong and God created everything. Who do you think created science? I believe God created science for humans to understand how things work without him just giving us the answer so simply

  3. WC   August 2, 2014 at 7:04 am

    Well if Kenny Ham-burger says it’s so, it must be.


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