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Vizio, a major production company of large screen television sets, based in Irvine, California, has tipped over into a recall on two different sizes of flat screen HDTVs. It is a repair recall, as the stand holding the flat screen vertical has a possible defect in manufacturing. Apparently the neck of the stand is too weak to hold the weight of the flat screen and when moving the TV a crack may develop and weaken the stand and cause it to tip over. Some of the flat screen models have tipped forward on to owners of the units.

The E-Series units are the 42 and 39 inch flat-screen HDTV models. These units are available at most nationwide retailers. The units affected were sold between Dec. 2013 and June of this year. Vizio advises consumers owning these models to contact the company immediately, detach the stand, move the television to a safe location and wait for a replacement stand. The expected delivery of a new stand is five to seven days after contacting Vizio and verification of the serial number.

The California based company was prompt in notifying owners of the problem and offering a suitable replacement to fix the issue. They have also offered to extend their typical one year warranty to two years from the purchase date. No one has reported any injuries due to the tipping over of the flat-screen units, although Vizio has been contacted by 51 owners reporting the units falling over.

The serial numbers of these units may be checked on the flat-screen company’s support website as a way for consumers to verify if the flat-screen they own is affected. Those person’s owning a wall mounted set may want to inspect their HD TVs for serial number verification and order the stand in case of possible use in the future. Vizio’s tip over into the recall impacts 245,000 flat-screen units. The flat-screen maker also has a chat line and a toll-free number for those who prefer this type of communication.

With this type of hazard regarding flat-screen television sets, other problems may also be of concern. For example, Coby, a former manufacturer of flat-screen television sets had a recall in January, 2014, of it’s 32” model because of fire and burn hazards. 8,000 sets were involved in that recall. Apparently some of the sets overheated, some caught fire and some units produced smoke. The company has gone out of businessVizio

People who owned this model were advised it was a defective product recall and the correct procedure to follow was to turn the unit off, unplug it and contact the retailer where the flat-screen TV was purchased. The affected owners may have received a refund, a replacement set, store credit, or a gift card. Due to Coby USA being out of business each retailer handled the situation with a different remedy.

Other dangers of flat-screen television sets is the danger of children accidently grabbing and causing them to tip over onto the child. The larger flat-screen units are quite heavy and may cause serious injury. Most injuries of this type occur to male children under the age of seven who suffer head trauma. Preventive measures include placing the units of out reach, wall mounting, or positioning them at lower heights. The tip over recall may assist Vizio into a sales positive position due to its open-ended approach and quick actions to rectify the situation.

By Andy Towle

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