Gaza Strip Cease Fire to Start One Minute After Midnight

Gaza Strip

In yet another deal negotiated by Egyptian mediators, Israeli and Palestinian officials have agreed to a new cease-fire request to at least pause the current month-long violence between Israel and the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas, the dominant authority in the Gaza Strip. The cease-fire is set to start at one minute after midnight local time and is intended to provide an opportunity to resume discussions on a solution to the ongoing violent conflict. In addition, the cease-fire period will be used to provide humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip.

The current conflict has resulted in the deaths of civilians and military in Israel and the Gaza Strip and has caused global discord in addition to the loss of life and infrastructure. In the current Israeli and Palestinian conflict, discussions have continually broken down, cease-fires have been ignored by Hamas and Israel has retaliated in the form of airstrikes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that negotiations will not occur without a cease-fire in place. Hamas, however, has consistently shown a pattern of disregard for the previous cease-fire periods.

By Alana Marie Burke


The Telegraph


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