Walking Dead Comic Gives Big Hints for Season Five [Video]

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The Walking Dead season five trailer tells more than fans might expect. Comic book fans might know more about the upcoming story line than those that only watch the TV series. When looking at the trailer and comparing it to the comic some things really stand out. Robert Kirkman’s comic book, The Walking Dead, follows closely along the lines of the hit TV show. Bringing in the army action hero, Abraham Ford played by Michael Cudlitz is just the beginning of what can be found within the comic book itself. The clash of the powers that be will once again be a big part of the plot line, as a scene played out by Abraham and Rick alludes to. This confrontation is pivotal in the comic for the upcoming plot line, and reading the animated version will give greater insight into what is in store this season. Who is Abraham? Who is he really? On the inside? One look at the comic may tell a thing or two about the characters the public fell in love with, and what is in store for Abraham.

In the comic book, which was once as popular as the show and had just as loyal a following, can be found big hints as to what is coming for at least some of the fateful cast. Things that are known are that Rick and Abraham will join forces, allowing Rick to go back to being the guy the fans cheered for and was somehow lost after all the loss he endured. What fans do not yet know is, who will die this season, as it is inevitable, since the cast has come together as one group once again, and the individual plot lines will diminish.

Tyreese who is pivotal in the comic, does not come close to his comic book prominence in The Walking Dead, the TV show. He also dies prior to the entrance of Abraham in the comic, which all fans know, did not happen in season four. This means the comic is close, but not exact to the hit series, however, looking at some of the other characters may enlighten the audience to things to come.

Darryl bears a strong resemblance to his possible counterpart in the comic, with one big exception, the character is gay in the paper version. Based on Darryl’s behavior throughout the series it is hard to imagine that this could be one of the plot twists. What is known, is that Darryl has come close but has never had a relationship with a woman on the show. Viewers thought for a while that he would end up with Carol, but that never panned out, and then it was Beth who captured the fan’s attentions. The loyal viewers also thought that she would be good for the seemingly broken Darryl, but the end of season four left her seemingly abandoning Darryl. Or, as fans have speculated, she was kidnapped.

One thing for sure, The Walking Dead season five will be filled with zombies and violence and many will die. Although the struggle for power between Rick and Abraham is seemingly intact, the longer they head for Washington in the search of a cure, the more important Abraham will become to the show. He could even get more air time than the fans favorite police officer, Rick, and that may not sit well with those that will be cheering at his comeback. Who will live and who will die? Take another look at the trailer and find the clues to The Walking Dead season five.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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